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Big beautiful challah recipes texted

– it is the signature piece de resistance of the Shabbos meal. Yes, we all enjoy the traditional chicken soup, brisket, roast chicken and more - but the challah is the star.
We present some outstanding challah recipes and instructions from colleagues, culinary stars and our KosherEye family on how to make delicious challah.
Each of the 15 challah recipes featured here are tested and quite delicious!

Why make challah? A word from About challah and why it is a special mitzvah.

Sharon Lurie, The Kosher Butcher’s Wife, Johannesburg, South Africa cookbook author, TV/Radio personality and the one of the global leaders and innovators of The Shabbos Project. 
From How to bake challah with Sharon Lurie    

Scrumptious Apple Cinnamon Challah recipe from Montreal Mom TV. It is perfect for fall or winter – or any time apples are in season.

Prize winning challah by the much admired cooking instructor and author and all around food expert Norene Gilletz from her book Norene’s Healthy Kitchen.

The culinary star, journalist, and author Joan Nathan presents her recipe for "Ultimate Challah".  It was shared by Tablet magazine.

Allison Josephs, online editor of Jew in the City, makes her yummy challah along with her children, and shares thoughts about challah-making in this video.

The much loved challah by the beloved Rebbetzin Kanievsky as printed in The Bais Yaakov Cookbook.

From Shoshanah Ohriner: Colorful, easy to follow challah braiding video tutorial from popular online blogger of

For a global treat we present Asian challah. . .found on Read the story about Molly Yeh and then enjoy the recipe for her Chinese style challah based on a traditional Chinese dish, the scallion pancake.

If you have a bread machine, or even if you don’t you will love this recipe from Susie Fishbein. The  KosherEye team makes it often and everyone enjoys every bite.

Hot Pretzel Challah – by Cookbook author, Actor & Online Personality, the versatile Mayim Bialik

 Rhodes Easy Pull-A Part Challah (Keep the Secret --So easy!)

Basic Honey Bread Machine Challah A KosherEye signature recipe 
For more of our favorite challah recipes (yes there are more!) – including instructions on how to frost or add streusel to a challah, visit and access this link:
The Shabbos after Pesach is known as Shlissel Shabbos. The custom goes that a key is inserted into the challah is a centuries old tradition.
Learn about this tradition and get Renee Chernin’s recipe for her delicious challah.

Yes, Please share your favorite challah recipe with KosherEye.

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