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KosherEye Giveaway

Jerusalem_Sky_200wWe are delighted to partner with Carly Q Creations once again for a fabulous giveaway. The giveaway winner will be issued a generous $150 gift certificate to choose one of her beautiful, colorful, joyful pieces. Select a 20x16 Giclee (reprint on canvas) , a custom wall hanging, or a gorgeous custom print for a happy... Read more...

The KosherEye Exchange is all about YOU! We want to exchange ideas.

Features are based solely on opinion! KosherEye does NOT accept financial remuneration for product articles from featured vendors, nor share contact information with others!  We want the BUZZ on your newest kosher finds- anywhere-anytime. If you spot a new certified product, contact us and we will post it. If you wish to see a product become certified, let us know!

Kosher Recipe Conversions – Send us a non-kosher recipe that you “covet”, classic or contemporary, famous or family - and we will have one of our expert chefs or fabulous food magicians convert it to kosher! Visit us often and enjoy all of our kosher recipe and ingredient translations. If you have a special recipe that you have converted to kosher, please share it with KosherEye.

We can’t wait to hear from you!




Zalkawi_300w Zachlawi -  you may not yet know the name, but you will. The Zachlawi Distillery is located on the Jersey Shore and has been in operation since 2004. Its spirits are all hand crafted in small batches, and certified OU... Read more...  

Chinese New Year

It's the year of the goat. . . and time for some kosher Dim Sum by guest columnist Lauren Stacy Berdy.

These recipes are excerpts from:

Remaining Kosher Volume Two: A Cookbook for All with a Hechsher in Their Heart
First Publication Volume One: July 2013 Publication
Volume Two: Summer 2015 UDJ Productions
©2015... Read more...  

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KosherEye Exchange
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Whole Foods Market and Products from Israel

KosherEye feels compelled to share this statement in support of Whole Foods Market. As we all are aware, false rumors and innuendo may be damaging to a person or even a company. In our own interactions with this company, we have experienced not just a willingness, but a strong commitment to serve the kosher community. Both the ADL and Snopes support this point of view. Our local Briarcliff Whole Foods Market in Atlanta has even hired an on-site Mashgiach (kosher supervisor) to expand and enhance its healthful, kosher selection.

In response to our inquiry, regarding the rumor about Whole Foods boycotting Israeli products, we received the following prompt reply:

Products from Israel at Whole Foods Market

The rumor that Whole Foods Market has boycotted products from Israel or is anti-Israel is absolutely not true

The Anti-Defamation League investigated this false rumor and denounced it: also confirms that this information is false:

We have never boycotted products from Israel or any other country for that matter. Whole Foods Market is discerning when it comes to quality and taste, not country of origin. We are proud to carry great-tasting products that meet our high quality standards from countries around the world, including Israel.

It’s worth noting that at the exact time this rumor began to circulate, some of our buyers were actually on a sourcing trip to Israel!

As a decentralized company, we have 12 different operating regions. Those regions and even individual stores have the leeway to source their own products in addition to what is carried nationally. This is why product availability varies greatly among our stores, including products from Israel that are primarily found in our grocery, wine and Whole Body departments. Some are mainstays and some are offered seasonally, depending on customer demand in each individual community.

Whole Foods Market will certainly continue to offer products from Israel, so we thank our customers for helping us clear up this misinformation.

September 1,2011

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New Kitchen Secrets & Tips

We are abuzz about these two great cooking tips from Southern Chef, Cooking Teacher and Cookbook Author, Virginia Willis: How to clean a spice grinder – a fast and easy way to remove old flavors from a coffee or spice grinder and a chef's secret to heighten the flavor of tomatoes. Please share your cooking tips and kitchen shortcuts with KosherEye. Send them to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Black Russian Cake Recipe

No one would guess this delicious Black Russian Cake started with a cake mix. The addition of vodka and coffee liqueur give it that extra zing! Try it – it is a moist and delicious cake.

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Here’s the Scoop – What a Party it Was!

Our Ciao Bella Gelato Twitter Party was an evening of chat, fun and prizes!  And, may we say there were prizes galore from Ciao Bella and from our co–sponsor Chef’n. Lucky attendees won Chef’n ice cream scoops and Bananzas, Chef’ns newest banana slicer. Prizes from Ciao Bella included The Ciao Bella Book of Gelato and Sorbetto, Pint Coozies and the gala grand prize – a freezer full of Gelato! It was all about using Gelato in recipes for smoothies, cocktails and pies. Do you know Oprah’s favorite Ciao Bella Sorbet flavor? Blood Orange of course!

Do join us for our next Twitter Party – coming soon. Hint:We promise you that it will be SWEET! Stay tuned!

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Ciao Bella Twitter Party

Join us, Monday, August 22nd at 8:30pm EDT — Hashtag: #CBGelato.

  • Gelato and Sorbet tips, recipes, prizes.
  • WIN a freezer full of FREE Gelato and Sorbet to enjoy for a YEAR! 12 coupons for 12 pints of Gelato or Sorbet.
  • WIN one of two copies of The Ciao Bella Book of Gelato & Sorbetto cookbook
  • Visit the Ciao Bella website

Party co-host, Chef'n has sweetened the party prizes!

  • WIN one of five candy colored ice cream scoops or one of their new  Bananzas. Wanna know what a Bananza is?

  • ciaobellotops ciaobellabook
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Thought of the Day

We love this one...

Please save Earth . . . it's the only planet with chocolate!

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Ami Living Magazine

Whisk, the food insert in Ami Living Magazine, is featuring KosherEye in their July 27th weekly issue. Titled, The Southern Sleuths by Victoria Dwek, managing editor of Ami Magazine, the article also includes five of our recipes. Do read it!


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A Meaningful Fast on Tisha B’Av

As we approach the end of the nine days, mourning the loss of our holy temples and our exile, we fast and pray for a better future for the Jewish people. At the end of the fast on Tuesday evening, enjoy Tomato Cheese Casserole, a simple dairy one–dish meal that is both healthful and delicious.Summer fruits,bagels and lox can be added as a side dish.

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Taku Smoked Salmon Giveaway

The randomly selected winner of four, six-ounce packages of Taku sockeye lox trays is Sherry Taxman!  And how would Sherry serve the fabulous Alaskan Taku sockeye lox? "...with fabulous bagels from the Bagel Bin in Omaha, Nebraska!"

Congratulations to Sherry and thank you to everyone who entered. All of the serving suggestions were yummy and creative! A special Thank You to Taku Smokeries, Juneau, Alaska.

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Ben & Jerry's FREE Ice Cream Coupon Winners...

benandjerryconeYes, we said "winners"! The folks at Ben & Jerry's wanted to "make coming in second and third just a little bit sweeter!" So they are awarding additional coupons for FREE pints of B&J's ice cream.

Randomly selected as the winner of 12 FREE Ben & Jerry's ice cream coupons:
Carrie Wells! "Chocolate Covered Pretzel – Vanilla ice cream, crunchy salty pretzels, and chunks of chocolate."  

Randomly selected as the winner of 6 FREE ice cream coupons:
Batya Novogroder! "Boston Cream Pie – Chocolate, creamy Éclair ice cream."

Randomly selected as the winner of 3 FREE ice cream coupons:
Denise Viola! "M&M Twister – Frosty Creamy Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with regular M&M's, almond M&M's, peanut butter M&M's, pretzel M&M's and peanut M&M's." 

Congratulations to Carrie, Batya and Denise and thank you to everyone who entered – all of the flavor suggestions were winners! A special Thank You to Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream.

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