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Original, "Wild"ly Delicious, Kosher


We have a winner in the newly introduced Wild Thymes In the Kitchen line of barbecue and grill sauces − we love them! Apparently we are not the only ones who consider the Wild Thymes line of barbecue sauces a winner − they were recently awarded the 2011 Finalist Silver SOFI Award for Best Product Line at the summer Fancy Food Show in Washington, DC. This is not a small feat as there were 2,326 entries across 33 awards categories.

Wild Thymes Farms, located in Greenville, New York, in the northwest corner of the Hudson Valley, is owned and operated by the mother–daughter team of Enid and Ann Stettner. The company produces  award–winning gourmet condiments that includes chutneys, dipping sauces, cranberry sauces, marinades, vinaigrettes and fruit based salad refreshers .The product line is innovative and sophisticated—developed by the Stettners—and the flavors are based on ideas and inspiration garnered from their extensive world travels. They are two working mothers who found a niche for deliciously healthy foods that can enhance a meal in a matter of minutes.

It has taken two years to develop the latest addition to this innovative line of condiments, but well worth the wait. Ask anyone, "what is the best type of barbecue sauce" and you will get just as many answers. Tastes vary, just like the ingredients in a good barbecue sauce, so the Stattners have covered their bases. With the creation of six barbecue and grill sauce variations, there is bound to be one that meets your criteria.  

•  Mama’s Original BBQ & Grill: Texas and Kansas City meet in this addictive, sweet and tangy sauce.  Mama got it right – it is wonderful – a perfect balance of  sweetness and tangy vinegar.  

•  Thai One On BBQ & Grill: A delicious combination of Thai flavors – lime juice, chili peppers, sesame seeds and coconut – are blended to create this Thai inspired sauce. Heat level - mild.  Very good.  

•  Mama’s Whistin’ Dixie BBQ & Grill: This is South Carolina-inspired, mustard-based goodness. It is tangy and sweet and medium hot. Has red chili, jalapeno, chipotle and ancho peppers. The combination is perfect – loved it.

wtsauce2pica•  Mad Moroccan BBQ & Grill: This one is a blend of  Moroccan ingredients and spices and is absolutely delicious. It is medium hot but not due to the addition of peppers.  Fabulous flavor and one of our favorites.  

•  Hot Mama BBQ & Grill: A spiced–up version of Mama’s Original BBQ. It has a "kick" from the addition of red chili and jalapeno peppers. This one is hot HOT but very good.

•  Smokin’ Hot Mamacita BBQ & Grill: Mexican inspired "South of the Border" flavor. If you like the hot and smoky flavor of chipotle, you'll love this sauce. It also has red chili, jalapeno, and ancho peppers and the red chipotle pepper on the label lets you know the heat level on this one is HOT! Fabulous.

We cooked with and tasted each one of the sauces and loved all of them. They taste homemade – chunky and flavorful – are easy to use, healthy, KSA certified kosher, 100% natural. low in carbohydrates, calories, fat and salt, free of cholesterol, sulfites, saturated and transfats and almost all are also gluten free.  Use them on poultry, seafood, vegetables, and tofu. Any flavor you pick is a winner.

As Enid and Ann say, "As easy as POUR, BRUSH, COOK . . . and, yes, darlings, EAT! EAT! EAT!"

Visit their website for recipe ideas using the Barbecue Sauces. Wild Thymes products are available nationally at premier specialty and natural food stores and through the Wild Thymes Website. They are offering KosherEye readers a 20% online discount; just enter code BBQ.

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