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Kosher Featured Product

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The New York Times' Florence Fabricant hailed Love Beets as "Cute, Sweet and Handy" – and KosherEye agrees!

Since 2010 Love Beets has been defying preconceived notions of boring beets with a line of freshly cooked, super tasty beet juices. Beets are one of the newest 'super foods' to hit the headlines. Packed full of nutrients, they have long been used in folk medicine to treat a variety of ailments including fevers and illnesses relating to digestion and the blood. It turns out that the Ancient Romans got a few things right as the benefits of a beet-filled diet are now scientifically confirmed!
Medical experts claim that beets:
•   Lower blood pressure              
•   High in powerful antioxidants
•   Help to prevent some cancers  
•   Lower cholesterol
•   Treat anemia and fatigue          
•   Support healthy liver function
•   Aid tissue growth                      
•   Stabilize blood sugar
•   Reduce risk of osteoporosis  

The kosher varieties of Love Beets are freshly cooked in their own juices and vacuum-packed for freshness, and are also available as organic. We like their convenience, versatility, and that they can be enjoyed hot or cold in a variety of dishes.
Love Beets are:
•   Freshly cooked in their own juices and vacuum-packed
•   Ready to eat, nothing added and can be enjoyed hot or cold.
•   Available as organic

Check the package for the OU kosher symbol. This year, Love Beets are also certified for Passover use. Look for the OU-P (kosher for Passover) symbol.

KosherEye truly loves beets. We like them in salads topped with simple vinaigrette; mixed with a creamy pickled herring; in our goat cheese topped beet soup; and of course in our traditional borscht with dollops of sour cream. Love Beets makes these beet recipes so convenient. No roasting, no peeling, no boiling! The beets that are ready to love!
Love Beets are available in most supermarkets across the U.S.
For more information visit:

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