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We  know that you are responsible for recipe development–what is your background?
I am a self taught cook with a passion for food, entertaining and experimenting with recipes. I develop recipes on how to use our Wild Thymes products, but my Mom develops the recipes for the production of the Wild Thymes products themselves.

Did you always have a love for food? 
Yes, I remember as a child always helping my grandmother and mother cook.  We lived on the farm and had our own garden. Good, healthy food was always an important part of our lives.

Did you grow up in the family business and was this a natural progression for you?
My Mom started the business when I was in my twenties, so I didn’t “grow up” in it. In terms of career, it wasn’t a natural progression. I started in Television and Sports Marketing, but in terms of passions it was natural progression!

What is your favorite part of developing a recipe?  Your inspiration?
I love the experimentation, the mixing of textures, herbs and spices…tweaking the recipe once I get a good base. My inspiration has been traveling the world and trying all kinds of wonderful foods.

As good mothers, we have no favorite "child" BUT what is your favorite Wild Thymes product and why? 
Honestly, I don’t have one favorite.  I have to say that there are 6-8 that I use the most because they fit well into what I tend to cook at home on a regular basis. If I MUST divulge them to you, here are the ones I use the most from each category: Korean Ginger Scallion Marinade, Moroccan Spicy Pepper Dipping Sauce, Indian Vindaloo Curry Dipping Sauce, Thai Chili Dipping Roasted Garlic  Dipping Sauce, Mango Papaya Chutney, Original Cranberry Sauce, Tangerine Salad Refresher, Meyer Lemon Salad Refresher, Mediterranean Balsamic Vinaigrette.

Please tell us a little know fact about yourself. 
Well, in my dreams I am an Olympic skier and world class tennis player!

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