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Huge Challah-Day at Camp Chaverim - A Guinness World Record??

Camp Chaverim is a popular boy’s camp located in scenic Fannettsburg, Pennsylvania, surrounded by the beautiful Pennsylvania Dutch country. The camp, co- founded by Rabbi Ezra Baldinger and Rabbi Yaakov Beren attempted a very special baking project this summer. The goal was to produce the world’s largest challah, large enough to make the Guinness Book of World Records; large enough to feed the entire camp on Shabbos; and large enough to have some fun!  The challah event was the brainchild of a family member of Rabbi Beren.  Resident chef Shmuel Segal, aka “Chef Shmeegs” gathered the ingredients including 45 lbs. of flour, about a pound of yeast and 48 eggs. To bake the challah—a huge conveyor-belt driven pizza oven was transported to the camp, and was kashered by the camp Rav, Rabbi Yitzchak Scher.

The result? They are eagerly waiting to see the challah qualifies for a new Guinness record, but it certainly was enough for the entire camp to enjoy for Shabbos dinner and for visiting day the following Sunday. 

challah chaverim sized

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