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KosherEye was founded in May, 2009 by Lois Held and Roberta Scher. Together, the pair worked diligently, reaching out to the food and culinary industry and to a growing base of readers to accomplish their goal of sharing the best in kosher with the world. In March, 2013 Lois stepped back from KosherEye to pursue other interests and passions, and " to decide the next path to travel". Her talents and creativity will be missed!

The Mission of KosherEye

  • To discover and feature the newest, the most delicious kosher certified foods and beverages; innovative kitchen-friendly gadgets, cookware, accessories, appliances and cookbooks

  • To share the culinary expertise of VIP chefs and foodies, including their secrets, recipes and tips

  • To publicize kosher events and happenings

  • To support and benefit community - publicizing culinary related fundraisers and projects all over the kosher world

We invite you to get to know KosherEye. Please email us, send suggestions, come visit often, and help us discover everything new and delicious. We want to know which kitchen gadgets you find indispensable, which cookbooks you love, where you eat and what you eat! Our site is your site! As we say here in the south (we are based in Atlanta), "Y'all come see us, y'hear"!

Meet Roberta Scher, Co-Founder and Previous Managing Editor

Roberta, originally from the Bronx, NY, moved to Atlanta at the age of 13.  She grew up in a large, extended close-knit family – all celebrating holidays together - with a focus on traditional foods! Out of a kitchen as small as some closets came huge platters of traditional Polish-Jewish foods.  One of her most vivid memories is that of the “soon-to-be-gefilte-fish” –  the Passover “carp” coming home from the fish store in a bucket, and then swimming in the bathtub. (Yes, really!)  Talk about fresh and local!

Roberta’s mother, Rose Schoen Snyder, not only was a master home cook, but a generous, kind lady who shared her delicious foods with neighbors and friends. Her very special family recipes were always greatly in demand!

Roberta’s career includes 25 years as a retailer, co-founder and owner of Paper Parlour, Atlanta’s largest party store; 10 years as a business consultant; 10 years as a kosher food columnist for The Jewish Georgian newspaper. Her professional accomplishments include national and local TV appearances, trade show speaking engagements and substantial volunteer work.  She was founder and organizer of the Southeast Kosher Festival. Roberta has authored two “how to” books, including her favorite, Party Atlanta, a widely read guide to entertaining in Atlanta.  She is the mother of 3 married children, and has 11 quite special grandchildren.  Roberta, a graduate of Emory University, has been married to her talented husband Allan since 1966. Much to his chagrin, she attempts to prepare healthy gourmet meals for him nightly.

This past August, Roberta decided to pass KosherEye onto the next generation; Yaakov & Sharon Galen. She will remain as a contributing editor and will still review products, kitchen tools, and share many recipes. She hopes to remain in touch with the dedicated KosherEye family and followers, and is still available to contact at


Meet Yaakov & Sharon Galen, Executive Editors and Managing Directors

When Yaakov is not running product development efforts for a software firm, he is dedicated to living a Kosher lifestyle. G-d, family, food, and business are the core motivators that get him up in the morning.

As the oldest of six boys, Yaakov grew up cooking. As the house was always bustling, he would always help his mom make dinners and eventually starting cooking on his own. He began exploring the culinary world by watching endless YouTube videos, learning different cuisines and cooking techniques.

As he grew older, Yaakov also began developing a knack for business. Between high school summers and learning in Yeshiva, he landed jobs in sales, marketing, and business development. During his years learning in Israel, Yaakov ran two successful businesses, both out of his dorm room. He would sell dips and herring all throughout Jerusalem as well as fried chicken on a daily basis. He also ran pop-up food events for American students learning in Israel.

Back in America, Yaakov worked for a property developer executing demographically focused sales efforts specifically targeting Millennial and Gen Zers using social media and online platforms. As his efforts grew, Yaakov moved on to work for a software firm where he finds himself today.

He is excited to join where he can fuse together all of his passions and bring even more value to the KosherEye family.

Sharon has a little bit of a different spin on things. Growing up with a Sefardi, Israeli mother, food was always the epicenter of the home. From a very young age, Sharon was alongside her mother in the kitchen ensuring that anyone who walked through their front door, did not leave unfed.

While Sharon’s mother did most of the cooking, Sharon managed to find her place in the kitchen through baking. She always had every dessert menu covered, whether it be a birthday, Shabbos meal or just a rainy day to munch. Mousse, souffle, cakes, cookies, you name it, chances are Sharon has it down to the last sprinkle. For her siblings and relatives she would always bake a special birthday request- decorating included so everyone got a chance to taste their absolute favorite.

While she may be busy pursuing a degree in nursing, Sharon always makes time to cook and cook well. She cannot wait to bring her special Israeli flavor to the KosherEye team along with her fine baking skills. She is looking forward to infusing all her abilities and talents to bring innovative creations to the KosherEye family.

Yaakov & Sharon Galen are two driven entrepreneurs and go-getters, but most of all they are both foodies. They just got married this past March and are so excited to be joining KosherEye together.


More about KosherEye

Because of our multiple social media platforms, our website, and newspaper column, representatives of KosherEye are occasionally invited to complimentary meals at restaurants, offered special travel and entertainment arrangements, and receive products for review. . . all to provide background and content for features. We appreciate this privilege and consider it a serious responsibility. When we sample food and products, we share opinion and news of those that we enjoy with our readers. We strive to be totally honest in our reviews, and do not write about experiences or products that we would not recommend. If we like something, we feature it; if we don't, it will not appear on KosherEye or in any of our media outlets.


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