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ShayaZava Zone
By guest writers Sara, Rivky and Shaya

“Go there, play there, never want to leave!” Where? The latest place to party! The one that has a canteen that’s 90% kosher. . . ZAVA ZONE!!!

Sara Ed crOur grandparents took us there during winter break, and we loved it! The staff was very friendly and was always available to help. They made sure we had fun and encouraged you to do more.

Zava Zone has an awesome, high ropes course. The ropes’ course has many challenges for kids and adults. One of our favorites was a beam that tips when you’re halfway through!

Next, came the climbing walls. Some hard, some easy, some even glow in the dark! Some with big rocks and some with small rocks, but everything with fun!
Then on the ground were wiggly, jiggly bars and ropes, balance beams and climbing nets. There is so much to do, that we don’t even know what half of them were called!
And, finally, the jumping arena! We got on, but didn’t realize how bouncy it was and went flying into the air! Boy, that was fun! Then, we went to a part of it where we played dodgeball.



Afterwards, we went to a part for basketball. There wasn’t time for everything. We rushed on to the “diving board” and bounced right into the “pool” of soft foam cubes. As we got out of the “pool” of cubes, we saw it. The Battle Beams! We climbed the steps onto a fat balance beam, each picked up a big oval pillow by the handle on the back of it, and walked toward the middle of the balance beam. THUMP! THUMP! We tried to knock each other off the beam into another “pool” of foam cubes. The jumping arena was definitely the best part!



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Zava Zone is one of the coolest places ever! And, the best news is that they company is opening twenty-two more all over the country! Next time you hear of one that’s near you, make sure to go to this exciting, entertaining and fun place!



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