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gefilte fish gummies
This year, the Manischewitz Company proclaimed Thursday, September 14  National Gefilte Fish Day.

To commemorate this iconic traditional staple, Manischewitz conducted a Facebook survey to determine how people feel about this fish. 1,344 responded. The results:

  •  Of those surveyed who do eat gefilte (which was 82% of the respondents), most actually like it
  •  When asked “What is it?", 74% of respondents answered “a Jewish fish dish”, 10% said a Swedish fish salad, and 6% replies a “Yiddish expression  meaning to induce guilt.”
  •  60% like it with horseradish sauce

We at KosherEye do enjoy our gefilte. It all started when we were growing up in the Bronx, with a live fish actually swimming in the bathtub. Little did we know that the fish in the bathtub would soon be on the Yom Tov table.  Now we enjoy our gefilte prepared in so many delicious ways – baked, fried, poached with so many different sauces on the side. So, we join Manischewitz in this, the inaugural year of wishing all a Happy Gefilte Day.

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