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The Deli Man Recipes


We were delighted and excited to introduce the new documentary Deli Man at the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival. The film, by Erik Greenberg Anjou is a mouthwatering experience. After viewing the movie, we explored the Internet to find some of the delicious recipes that Ziggy Gruber serves at his popular Houston Deli, Kenny & Ziggy's. Since the deli is not presently kosher certified, and since we don't live in Houston, we hope to prepare some of these at home. . . unless we can convince the lovable, hardworking Chef Ziggy Gruber to come to Atlanta and cook with us!


Ziggy's Kasha Varnishkas
Kenny and Ziggy's Egg Salad
Award Winning Chicken Soup Recipe from Kenny & Ziggy's Deli
Kenny & Ziggy's Matzo Balls
Kenny & Ziggy's Stuffed Cabbage

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The World of Hip Hop
& Bartenura Moscato

The most popular kosher wine after Manischewitz is now the toast of the hip-hop world. Bartenura Moscato, the light, sweet white wine that is low alcohol and comes in a striking blue bottle, is now one of the biggest sellers among African American and Hispanic consumers. (In the 80s and 90s, 85-95% percent of the consumers of the kosher wine were Jewish, according VinePair.) Bartenura_Moscato_Hip_hop_240w

The wine has been lovingly dubbed Bartenura Blue.
Read more at and

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The National Aquarium in Baltimore:

What's Kosher?


If you need a family friendly destination, one that is both educational and fun for all ages –and you are visiting the Washington area, we suggest The National Aquarium in Baltimore. Some members of our family (ages 1-9) along with their parents recently visited the aquarium. Their Hanukkah assignment - have as much fun as possible, and report on the kosher fish. (Yes, one of my grandchildren was also on a search for sharks).

fish_3crWe thank our roving reporters (Shaya, age 9, Sara, age 8, and their younger siblings) for  getting  the fish facts and for this story:

The Baltimore Aquarium has many fish, some kosher and some not. Scary looking sharks, snakelike eels, sawfish with big noses, huge sturgeons, and piranhas with big teeth are all not kosher. All kosher fish have fins and removable scales. These don't. As the roving reporters for KosherEye, we were concentrating on the kosher fish.

Now about our kosher finds:
Kosher fish come in a lot of different shapes, colors, and sizes. The Black Banded Rainbowfish is kosher, but not worth eating at 2.5 inches long. Redbreast Sunfish, as you can tell from its name, are red. They grow to 10 inches long. The Yellow-faced Angelfish is a yellow and blue fish
that is 14 inches long.

The next time you go scuba diving in the Chesapeake Bay, try to find a Summer Flounder. You say it's impossible? Well, you almost got it. You might have seen one without knowing it. Flounder are very good at camouflage. They look like gravel on the ocean floor. Believe it or not...a fully-grown Summer Flounder grows to 3 feet.

More impressive than the small little fishies, are Crevalle Jacks. They grow to 6 feet long and are very fast (and delicious). At the aquarium, they were swimming with the sharks. Barramundi are bigger than the Crevalle Jacks and can grow to 6.5 feet long. They swim in the waters near Australia. Striped Bass and Rockfish are the same size as Crevalle Jacks. They can be found right in our own backyard, since we live near the Chesapeake Bay, but their population is decreasing because of pollution-- so don't eat too many.

The National Aquarium was fun and we learned a lot. Maybe you should go there soon. But after all this we still have a question. If a Bucktooth Tetra (a scale eating fish) ate all the scales off another kosher fish, would the fish still be kosher? (Guess we'll have to ask our father, the Rabbi!)

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Kosher Food Fest in Minnesota, Jan. 11, 2015


On January 11th, 2015, Temple of Aaron will host their first annual Crossriver Kosherfest, bringing together local kosher options including caterers, small shops, and other venues to raise awareness of kosher possibilities. In addition to offering many food choices, they will host sessions/classes to teach about eating kosher and brainstorm on how they can expand the market.

According to Rabbi Jeremy Fine, one of the organizers, “The final element of this event is to offer an opportunity to encourage the twin cities communities to get together.  St. Paulites and Minneapolisites rarely have a reason to travel to the other side of the river. This day of eating and learning will offer an enhanced social dynamic for young and old to mix and mingle. We hope food will bond us together and people will make the 10 minute drive.”

More kosher food options would mean so much to the Jewish communities of Minnesota. “We invite everyone in the area to check out Crossriver Kosherfest. It should be a lot of fun for all ages. If you are a vendor or individual who wants to attend or be involved feel free to reach out to me, for more details.”

Below is the growing list of vendors:
Milts Kosher BBQ (Chicago), Aviv Vodka, Baldinger Bakery, Breadsmith
Bogarts Doughtnuts Co., Funky Chunky, Jezreel Wines (Israel), Just Truffles
Menchies. National Choice Bagels, Nothing Bundt Cakes, Rishi Tea (Wisconsin)
Rita’s Italian Ice, Sholom Catering, Spirit of Asia Catering, Temple of Aaron’s In House Caterer, Vitalis Kosher Bistro

For more information:


KosherEye Note:
"The food purveyors are under various kashruth certifications. Do check with your Rabbi."

CrossRiver Kosherfest is not associated or affiliated with Kosherfest, The World's largest B2B Trade Show for the Kosher Industry held annually at The Meadowlands, NJ.


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SHLOMO'S BACK! Direct from Broadway, the new production of Soul Doctor, The Musical Journey of Shlomo Carlebach has been completely re-imagined, involving the audience as an integral part of the "Shlomo Experience."
This new production has been re-staged in an intimate, historic synagogue, the Actors Temple Theatre by director Mindy Cooper. "Filled with songs you will be singing long after you leave the theater", the new Soul Doctor invites the audience to become part of the extraordinary life story of Shlomo Carlebach -- father of contemporary Jewish music and 20th century spiritual guru.

The new production of Soul Doctor stars Jewish pop sensation Josh Nelson as the legendary Shlomo.

Follow Soul Doctor on Facebook (SoulDoctorBroadway) and on Twitter (@SoulDoctor)

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Kosher Food Blogger's


The mission of the third annual Kosher Food Blogger Conference is to educate kosher food bloggers and vendors on how to enhance the value of their blogs and overall brands through best practices, sponsorships, technology and partnerships. The Conference programming is built around the topics that are crucial for building an education on social media, photography, writing, branding, marketing, and technology in our current environment.

When: Monday, November 10, 2014
Where: Chabad at NYU 353 Bowery, NYC
Time: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm
Register for the conference here:



After the conference, grab a cab and head over to KosherFeast, the Social Media Networking Dinner at the Streit's Building, which follows the conference at 5:30pm.
Register for KosherFeast here: 
Reservations are now open:
Dinner tickets will include an option to tour the Streit's building and a brimming swag bag!
Tickets available on Eventbrite. (All past events have been sold out - so hurry!)

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Holiday Recipes
By Guest Columnist
Cindy Hodkin

Welcome to SIFTED. I consider myself a reformed attorney and currently give kosher cooking classes. We cook with the seasons, utilizing herbs and vegetables fresh from my garden that make you feel fresh and light in the summer, warm and fuzzy in the winter. Right now, we are cooking for the holidays and we hope that you will incorporate these the recipes into your repertoire!

Braciole, (pronounced bra-jiole) which is a classic Italian, rolled and stuffed beef. Classic braciole is stuffed with breadcrumbs and cheese. Ours will use string beans, polenta and fig jam. When you slice it, you will have the most beautiful cross section of golden polenta contrasting with the beautiful green of the beans and the rich brown meat. You will actually get two for one with this recipe; the string beans with fig sauce can stand on their own as a side dish. To accompany the braciole, we will make cauliflower couscous, and vegetarian kishka. So, enjoy and have a delicious new year! I would be happy to respond to any questions. You can contact me at

Braciole...My Way
Green Beans with Fig Jam
Cauliflower Couscous
Vegetarian Kishka 

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Rosh Hashanah Wine Picks

Guest Post by Hana of @kosherwinereview

I always love to try new wines; Every time I see a new kosher wine, I have to taste it! When my friends are looking for wine, they always call me for recommendations. It is not always easy to find good kosher wine. My goal is to share my experiences to help others. I publish wine recommendations and wine related stories on my Facebook page – Kosher Wine Review, and on @kosherwinereview on Twitter. I present several of my Rosh Hashanah wine recommendations:

Sara Bee Moscato
Sweet white wine from the Puglia region of Italy...playful aromas of spring flowers, almond blossoms and lemon mousse. It is a rich and lively aperitif or a dessert wine; perfect for the "Kiddush" before eating the apple with honey. Approximate price: $6.99 at Trader Joes

Baron Herzog Chardonnay 2013
This Chardonnay is crisp and refreshing, smooth - textured yet lively on the palate. A very complex wine with notes of tropical fruit, apple and a hint of vanilla on the finish. It pairs perfectly with fish or chicken.
Approximate price: $13.

Terrenal Cabernet Sauvignon 2012
From Spain... Nice tannic backbone and a pleasant mid-palate full of plum and cherry flavors, hints of spices and a note of chocolate highlighting blackberry and black cherry fruits. Pairs well with a meat main course- Approximate price: $4.99

Porto Cordovero 2005
Fully matured in wood, it has an aroma of sweet black currant fruit, raspberry and dark chocolate. Great dessert wine. Pairs well with sorbet or fruits. Approximate price: $49.99

Galil Mountain Rosé 2012
Wine made from 79% Sangiovese, 7% Barbera, 7% Pinot Noir, 7% Grenache and has exceptionally beautiful color. Dry wine with attractive aromas of fresh strawberry, citrus fruit, raspberry and spices. This Rose is heavier than most of its type, will be a good dinner wine that pairs well with fish. Approximate price: $14.99

Binyamina Reserve Merlot 2010
Extremely dark red color, this Merlot is not too dry, somewhat woodsy, mild and smooth and with no after taste. Excellent with chicken or red meat. Approximate price: $20.99


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New Cookbook from Ronnie Fein

Congrats to KosherEye friend, cookbook author, food blogger and cooking instructor Ronnie Fein for putting her new cookbook "to bed". For information on how to pre-order a copy of The Modern Kosher Kitchen and receive a personally inscribed bookplate from the author, visit Ronnie's Blog Kitchen Vignettes. The book is officially scheduled for publication on November 1st.

Try a sample recipe for Kamut, Corn, and Tomato Salad from
the new Book: Modern Kosher Kitchen




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Kosher Queen Wins Foodie Contest
with Pork

Reprinted from an article in "the Jew & the Carrot" by Aliz Wall

Without tasting a bite, San Francisco resident Tanya Solomon, a member of Adath Israel Congregation was triumphant on "Guy's Grocery Games," winning $20,000 on the Food Network show.

The caterer and mother of two won the championship without tasting a single bite of what she made.


Read more:

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