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Where can I buy Turkey Chops?

Turkey chops are available at most full service kosher butcher shops.

In the NY area, they were spotted at Pomegranate Supermarket (Brooklyn); in Atlanta area at Kosher Gourmet.

Online: Turkey chops can be ordered from, Griller's, Park East Kosher.

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Pizza Substitute

"My husband, who is Italian, asks me to prepare traditional pizza with sausage, peppers and mozzarella cheese. Can you suggest a substitute ingredient for the sausage?"
from  MK, Curacao

Absolutely! KosherEye suggests the following:

Vegetarian Choice

"I'm a vegetarian and am often looking for all my pareve and dairy options. I especially like the KosherEye Exchange tip of using meat substitutes on the pizza! These meat substitutes are great for chili, tacos, spaghetti meat sauces, and so much more! Thank you!"
from Ella S., Atlanta

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