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KosherEye Featured Cookbook

by Norene Gilletz


The re-issuing and updating of a cookbook, in celebration of its thirty year anniversary, is a testament to both the original book and its author. Especially an author who stays current with culinary trends, listens to the requests and feedback of her readers, and is still very active in the industry. Such a person is Norene Gilletz – author of nine popular cookbooks, culinary spokesperson and consultant, food writer, speaker, recipe developer, owner of her company Gourmania Inc.– and author of the recently published, The New Food Processor Bible: 30th Anniversary Edition.

According to Norene, "The food processor has revolutionized the way we cook and eat", and we agree. From her first introduction to the food processor to present time, this kitchen tool has played a major role in Norene's recipes and cooking habits. Norene published her first food processor cookbook, The Pleasures of Your Processor, in 1980. This bestseller is currently out of print but copies can be found via the internet. Over the years, the food processor evolved, cooking trends and ingredients changed and Norene kept pace. In 2002, she wrote her second food processor cookbook, The Food Processor Bible, which was a revision of her first processor cookbook and reflected the changes in cooking trends that occurred over the intervening years.

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We are continuing our conversation with the talented Gloria Kobrin, author of the first kosher cookbook application created for the iPhone & iPad Touch user, Kosher Cookbook.

How has the response been to your app?
Very good with over 9,000 sold. There are a lot of vegetarian dishes, and we have many recipes that use tofu. We have a large Muslim following.

What are your favorite kitchen tools?
The Cuisinart is my third hand; Microplane grater, KitchenAid blender, and the Chinese spider strainer.

Please share your favorite kitchen tips/secrets with our readers.
I do a lot of advance planning – menu, grocery list, and consider how long it takes to make. I cook and freeze as much as possible in advance. Most cookies freeze well; hor d'oeuvres freeze well and you can pull them out of the freezer any time. I have my children and grandchildren over every Friday night and Saturday and they bring guests. I need to have food on hand. We have an open house for everyone – we love to have tons of people. It is a party every Shabbat!

What is in the pipeline?
I would like to have the application  available on other platforms and expand it. It would be nice to also see it in written format (book).

What is a little know fact about you?
I was a certified EMT (Emergency Medical Technical). I have worked in hospitals since the age of 12.  Many years ago, after I was married, I took EMT courses taught at a synagogue – I wanted to learn how to properly use oxygen. I passed the test, got my badge and did it for a few years.

I am under 5 feet tall – 4 foot 11-inches on a good day – and wear 4-inch heels!

At the end of the day...
My most important role is that of mother, bringing the family into the home. Food provides the format; the kids bring their friends, the grandchildren are around, just being a "homemaker". At the end of the day, you are "Mom", my home is center and it makes me very happy.

May 2, 2011

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Award Winning Author of Entrée to Judaism


What are your favorite kitchen tools?
Aside from my Kitchenaid mixer and Processor with the small and large bowl so that I can do different sized batches, my must haves are my Micro-plane zesters, my citrus juice reamer (even though I do have an electric juicer the reamer is great when you need 1 Tablespoon of juice), my 8-inch long and 4- inch wide spatula for helping me lift my cooked side of salmon onto a platter, and my many little varying sized glass dishes for collecting small ingredients for recipes.

Please share a few of your must–have Tina's Tidbits?
•  When freezing baked goods, make sure that they are thoroughly cooled.  Place in a freezer bag and close almost all the way.  Insert a straw into the opening and suck out all of the air and then seal.  This technique removes any chance of ice crystals forming in the bag, which would change the texture and flavor of your baked product.  Almost any food can be frozen this way.

•  A foil tent only protects turkey breast meat from drying out if the shiny side is facing out, because that side reflects the heat AWAY from the bird.  If the dull side was placed facing out to you, it would absorb the heat and overcook the meat making it dry.

•  The best way to estimate the cooking time of fish, boneless chicken or steak on the grill is to plan on ten minutes per inch of thickness (NOT LENGTH!).  Boneless breast that is not pounded thin is usually 1/2-3/4 inch thick. therefore it should take no more than 5-7 minutes TOTAL to grill your food.

During our very enjoyable conversation with Tina, she told us the following about herself; we wanted to share it with our readers:
I am a cooking teacher who wrote a book - I am not a writer who likes food. And about the pictures: I made every dish you see. Nothing fake was added, no glycerine or mashed potatoes or blow torches.  It is very important to me that the home cook sees what the dish should really look like.

What will the Seder menu look like at your home?   passovertable
I keep track of how much I made and how much was leftover so that I know what to do the next year.
*See Tina's Passover Menu and her Passover "To Do" list.

 Please share some Passover or Seder tips:
The most important rule for making matzo balls is DO NOT LIFT THE POT LID!!! If you lift the lid cool air comes in and collapses the matzo ball.  You can always tell if someone did that because the center of the matzo ball is hard and translucent.  For hard matzo balls, add more matzo meal to the batter but DON'T LIFT THE LID!  Boiling too hard? then lower the heat so the balls don't break apart. DON'T PEEK until after 20 minutes when they are done.

So, what do you do for fun?
Cooking and dancing are creative outlets for me. I love, love, love to dance – lindy, foxtrot, rumba – everything! The hardest thing is to follow; I like to lead!

Visit Tina at

March 23, 2011

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by Gloria Kobrin & APPSolute Media

koshercookbook2  koshercookbookapp

The Kosher Cookbook app is an example of a perfect "shidduch" (match). Take one talented cook/food instructor/food writer (Gloria Kobrin) and one talented techie/ entrepreneur  (Alexander Libkind) – arrange an introduction – and kosher cookbooks have gone high-tech!

Gloria Kobrin is the author of the first kosher cookbook application created for the iPhone & iPad Touch user. Appropriately titled, Kosher Cookbook, it contains over 300 recipes, cooking times, freezing information, menu suggestions, shopping lists – it is the perfect "accessory" for today's busy cook. The app is easy to use and the recipes are organized into categories, just like a printed cookbook index. With this app, the on-the-go cook can be anywhere, at any time, and have the ability to access a recipe (or an entire menu) and create a shopping list of necessary ingredients – yes, everything, everywhere there is a connection!

Gloria brings many years of culinary experience to the app. She wrote a cooking column for The Jewish Week newspaper, taught cooking classes at Yeshiva University and worked as a boutique baker, selling baked goods out of her own home kitchen.  She is an accomplished self–taught cook who, at an early age, "felt a kinship with the kitchen." Growing up, her mother did not cook and their housekeeper prepared meals using the family recipes. Kosher Cookbook is the result of a cookbook she co-wrote but never published.

Enter, Alexander Libkind, CEO of APPSolute Media, a digital media agency and publishing company. Gloria was Introduced to Libkind by her son Jon Kobrin. Within two months of their initial meeting, on September 9, 2009 APPSolute Media launched the first cookbook application created for the kosher cook.  Today, the Kosher Cookbook iPhone & iPad Touch application is selling in over 10 countries including the United States, Canada, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy & Sweden.

KosherEye asked Gloria how she developed her recipes. "They are traditional ones from family that I have tweaked and gone over. None of them were real recipes and I just had to figure them out. I also adapted recipes, changing them for the kosher kitchen. I draw inspiration depending on what items are in the refrigerator."

Gloria has shared four of her delectable recipes from the Kosher Cookbook app: Moussaka, Short Ribs (Flanken) in Orange - Hoisin Sauce, Apricot Raspberry Tart and Apple Tart.

We had a delightful conversation with Gloria and learned she is a very multi–talented and diverse woman. This native New Yorker is good at languages, has a BA degree in French from NYU, and translates French to English. Gloria is also a certified Family Mediator. All this, plus an interesting little know fact about her – read more of our KosherEye Chat with Gloria Kobrin.

The Kosher Cookbook app for iPhone & iPad Touch is available for $4.99 on the Kosher Cookbook website. Visit the website and see a brief demo of the features of the application. We feel this is a wonderful tool and a great gift for yourself or someone who has an iPhone or iPad – wish it was available on other platforms.

Visit Gloria on her KosherCookbook blog,

May 2, 2011

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Tina Wasserman – Author, Instructor & Kosher Cook

entree to judaism

Tina Wasserman is a renown cooking instructor, and her book reflects her years of  knowledge and experience!  She is the author of the popular cookbook Entree to Judaism: A Culinary Exploration of the Jewish Diaspora. This culinary page-turner is chock full of 275 easy to follow recipes, cooking tips (Tina’s tidbits) and food stories.

Tina,  who lives in Dallas, Texas, but teaches her popular cooking classes throughout the U.S., has been the food columnist for Reform Judaism magazine since 2003. Her techniques, recipes and preparation tips appeal to kosher and non-kosher, Jewish and non-Jewish students. She is trained in both nutrition and education, and holds a BS from Syracuse University and an MA from New York University. In 1994, Tina was elected to Les Dames d’Escoffier, an international culinary society that honors women in the food and beverage

This talented food expert grow up in Hempstead Long Island with a distinct passion for homemaking. For her Bat Mitzvah gift, instead of a gala party, she requested a sewing machine. Her interest in cooking began at a young age –actually at about  9 years old, when  she started to spend time with her next door neighbor, a widowed, German mother of 3 boys, who happened to be an expert cook and baker.  Tina’s willing neighbor shared a lifetime of kitchen knowledge and inspiration with her.

After encouragement by students, friends and family, Tina decided to write a book to share food stories that were both “in her head, and in her heart”.  She had developed many of the recipes through her 41 years of teaching, and had gathered some from authentic sources  around the world.  Tina imparts explanations throughout the book as to why and how foods are important in Jewish history. Her inspiration for the book is her strong belief that the next generation of cooks must connect and reconnect to their memories  through food. Her beautifully written recipes and thoughts can help achieve this.

As Tina told us “the book took 41 years (experience) to assemble. 2 1/2 years to write and, 3 months of Talmudic research for recipe backgrounds.” The recipes combine those that Tina has developed, and authentic, historic recipes from countries and communities around the world.  The content reflects Jewish food heritage, respecting both kashrut and Shabbat. Although Tina was brought up more of a cultural Jew than an observant one, (her father became a  Bar Mitzvah in his retirement home!), she now keeps a kosher home.

So what is on Tina's Passover Menu?  She not only shared several of her favorite Passover recipes with Koshereye, she also shared a copy of her 2009 Passover Menu and her "To Do" list. To read more about Tina's favorite kitchen tools, kitchen tips, her fabulous Passover Menu and "To Do" list, please read A KosherEye Chat with Tina Wasserman.

Enjoy the following Tina Wasserman Passover recipes: Burmolikos-Bulgarian Matzo Puffs, Carrot Tzimmes with Dumplings, Passover Granola and Passover Linzer Torte.

So what does a bestselling and busy  cookbook author, educator and lecturer do for fun? What else? She “love, love, loves to dance lindy, foxtrot, rumba - everything!”

Entree to Judaism: A Culinary Exploration of the Jewish Diaspora is a very special addition for a cooking library. Along with an outstanding, contemporary recipe collection based on Jewish heritage, Tina’s Tidbits, which are included throughout the pages, make this book a must have for any cook!

Please visit Tina's website,

March 23, 2011

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