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by Norene Gilletz


The re-issuing and updating of a cookbook, in celebration of its thirty year anniversary, is a testament to both the original book and its author. Especially an author who stays current with culinary trends, listens to the requests and feedback of her readers, and is still very active in the industry. Such a person is Norene Gilletz – author of nine popular cookbooks, culinary spokesperson and consultant, food writer, speaker, recipe developer, owner of her company Gourmania Inc.– and author of the recently published, The New Food Processor Bible: 30th Anniversary Edition.

According to Norene, "The food processor has revolutionized the way we cook and eat", and we agree. From her first introduction to the food processor to present time, this kitchen tool has played a major role in Norene's recipes and cooking habits. Norene published her first food processor cookbook, The Pleasures of Your Processor, in 1980. This bestseller is currently out of print but copies can be found via the internet. Over the years, the food processor evolved, cooking trends and ingredients changed and Norene kept pace. In 2002, she wrote her second food processor cookbook, The Food Processor Bible, which was a revision of her first processor cookbook and reflected the changes in cooking trends that occurred over the intervening years.

As is her talent, to embrace and change with the cooking times, Norene has stayed true to her love of the food processor and has written an updated version of The Food Processor Bible. Released March 15, 2011, The New Food Processor Bible, 30th Anniversary Edition, contains up-to-date information on the newest generation of food processors. The first two chapters set the tone for the book and contain a treasure trove of processor related information: tips on choosing a food processor, specific processor features, the different blades and disks and their usage, a chart for preparing baby food, and a Smart Chart that lists foods and the corresponding blade or disk usage.

Norene has updated her old recipes (they are now new!), added 65 new recipes that reflect "the way we cook and eat today", and included many dairy-free, gluten-free and vegetarian alternatives. The New Food Processor Bible, 30th Anniversary Edition contains over 600 kosher recipes,wonderful food tips and recipe variations, and a nutritional value analysis accompanies each recipe.

KosherEye loves the food processor and featured the Cuisinart Elite Series food processor. Everything we need to help us use the food processor to its fullest potential is in The Food Processor Bible, 30th Anniversary Edition. The recipes are geared for today's busy cook and none of them are too time consuming or involved. All the recipes you will need to plan a complete menu (or just one dish) using a food processor, are contained in this fabulous cookbook, including challah.

The book is aptly named – it is our go-to bible for food processor cooking – and we recommend it as a KosherEye "gift yourself, gift others" selection.

Norene shared her cooking philosophy with us: "It’s often said that cooking is a labor of love. With the help of your food processor, you can eliminate much of the labor – and that sure works for me! “ Read more of A KosherEye Chat with Norene Gilletz.

Enjoy the following three recipes from her new cookbook: Mom's Caponata, Nanaimo Crunch Bars and Florentine Noodle Kugel.

Visit Norene’s website The New Food Processor Bible: 30th Anniversary Edition is available on

May 11, 2011

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