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Have a Honey of a Holiday with Local Hive Honey

In 1924 L.R Rice started selling honey door to door. Four generations later, the Rice family proudly continues their great grandfather’s tradition, expanding the company while still providing the same honeys that they eat at their dining room tables. Just the name of the company has changed, but not the quality of the product. The honey is raw and unfiltered, nothing added, nothing removed and now OU kosher certified. The honeys are regularly tested for antibiotics and pesticides, to be sure there is only pure sweetness in every bottle.

In addition to quality, what we found unique in this line is the sourcing. The honeys are sourced from across the U.S. The company partners with beekeepers throughout the country, providing local honeys “from your own backyard – wherever your backyard may be”, along with  honeys from locations you might like to taste. We think that these honeys make exceptionally sweet gifts for holiday hosts, or to send to friends and relatives throughout the U.S. We were pleased to read that Local Hive Honey works with American beekeepers to spread information and education about pollinators. The company partners with experts in the field to help keep healthy bee populations thriving.

Did you know?

  • Honey is nature’s only sweetener that can be eaten just as it comes. The history of honey stretches back millions of years 
  • Honey does not spoil. If you see crystals form in any honey jar, simply put the honey in the microwave for a few seconds.
  • Oil a spoon or measuring cup before filling with honey. It will release easily! 
  • If honey has crystallized, put it in the microwave to heat for a few seconds. 
  • According to Women’s Health Magazine, honey can exfoliate dry skin, spot-treat scars and acne; promote nail growth and condition hair.
  • According to Dr. Ron Fessenden, author of The Honey Revolution and Honey Doctor, the glycogen in raw and unfiltered honey works to re-stock your liver, helping to provide uninterrupted sleep.
  • In a Mayo Clinic Study, honey was shown to be an effective method for relieving sore throats and coughing, performing even better than some over-the-counter medications.

Caveat: Honey should NOT be fed to children under one year old. Check with your pediatrician before giving your child honey.

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