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Award Winning Passover Cake

zeldas orange chiffon cake

What's in a name? Using her own middle name, Zelda, Linda Zelda Neiman founded Zelda's Sweet Shoppe with the goal of "pursuing a career that would bring joy to others lives." What better way than through her love of sweets and baked goods.

Located in Skokie, Illinois, this delightful, gourmet bakery and confectionary shoppe features hand-crafted chocolates, caramel corn, sweets, cookies, cakes, and assorted baked goods. Zelda's is Linda Neiman's second foray into the business world. Linda designed graphics for computer games prior to deciding to stay home and devote her time to raising her four young sons.  For the next fifteen years, this creative personality treated family and friends to her baked goods.

In 2003 Zelda's Sweet Shoppe was born. What started as a shoppe on Main Street (literally) has grown to include an online store-front, a wholesale production line and distribution in multiple stores around the country. Zelda's products are kosher certified under the supervision of both the Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC) and Star-K. The bakery products are parve and pas yisroel.

KosherEye asked Linda where she learned her baking skills. "I am self taught and baking is a labor of love, but I did have some formal training and took classes with a French pastry chef before opening Zelda’s. I’ve always loved to bake and entertain. My family enjoyed my food so much and my four boys were the best taste testers around!"

When asked about the recipes used at Zelda's, "Some recipes are still my originals, such as our cookie cuties ™ and award winning pecan pie. Over the years, our talented professional chefs and I have collaborated to create desserts for a larger number."

The cooking and baking skills Linda Neiman used as a basis for starting her successful business have brought professional recognition to Zelda's. They won four awards at Kosherfest 2008, the world's largest international Kosher food trade show. Linda's Pecan Pie was chosen "Best in Show" and "Best Dressed." Their Classic Caramel Corn and Chocolate Almond Toffee Caramel Corn received an award for "Best Snack Food" and Zelda's Barks, Brittles and Toffee won "Best Packaging Design."  Not bad for a former graphic computer games designer!

Four years ago, Zelda's started producing Kosher for Passover products. They began with chocolate items and expanded to include bakery items such as Chiffon Cake, Mandel Breit, Macaroons, and Thumbprint Cookies. Not surprisingly, Zelda's Orange Chiffon Cake was judged best "New Product-Passover Products" at  Kosherfest 2009.

KosherEye has tasted the Passover Orange Chiffon Cake and it is delicious. It is not an easy feat to create a commercial product that tastes home-made, especially for Passover, but Zelda's has. It is one of the best Chiffon Cakes we have tasted and is also available in chocolate. We plan to sprinkle the top with kosher for Passover powdered sugar and serve it with sliced fresh fruit. The cake is parve, pas yisroel, yoshon.

chocolatefrogsWhat would Passover be without the plagues? Frogs to be exact! Zelda's has kosher for Passover Chocolate & Marshmallow(green!) filled Frogs. They are wonderful and the kids will love eating them. What a great way to end the Seder--let everyone munch on a chocolate covered green marshmallow frog! KosherEye tried one and they are good! The frogs are parve.

There are so many wonderful products made by Zelda's Sweet Shoppe that KosherEye plans to write a second article on the non-Passover goodies. Look for it soon.

Zelda Sweet Shoppe products are available at Jewel Food Stores, Whole Foods, Shop Rite Supermarkets, Sunset Foods, Treasure Island Stores and many gift/candy/independent food stores across the country.

To learn more about their products and to order Passover Goodies, visit Zelda's Sweet Shop. Zelda's is offering KosherEye readers a 15% discount on Passover Products ordered online.  Enter code PASSOVER11 at checkout. Valid until April 18, 2011.

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