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Piccolino exceeded our expectations in taste, presentation and service. There were smiles all around when we entered, and friendly, efficient, accommodating service through the superb dinner. And what a dinner it was!

Picollino Mobile 


Smoked Salmon lox

We were delighted to be hosted by Piccolino owner Nava Bibi along with her family. Nava is a legend in Israel’s professional food community. Her experience spans 30 years in the hotel business, including managing the King David Hotel, and then creating a popular restaurant in the Ticho house, hotel and museum. When the hotel announced its closing, she relocated the restaurant to a historical neighborhood near Zion Square. Her vision for Piccolino was to present simple authentic Italian food, served indoors, in a lovely dining room, and also outdoors in a spacious courtyard. Each day at lunch and dinner, musicians playing live soft music add to the courtyard ambiance.

Gnocchi MobileWe discovered that the name Piccolino comes from an Italian song titled “Poppa Piccolino”, which is about a poor, but happy Italian street musician who sang and played his concertina throughout Italy. All loved him. Nava chose the name because the restaurant’s mission is to combine food and joy. Nava says: “When we established Piccolino, we had in mind a warm Jerusalem atmosphere, family-oriented with generous, joyful and courteous service. In our opinion, she has achieved her dream. Our dinner at Piccolino was one of our best meals, ever!

For those who would like to eat along virtually with us we present the mouthwatering menu. (Or even better, visit the restaurant!)

The menu was prepared by talented Chef Avdiel Moshe. His emphasis on fresh ingredients was evident. The menu included: Gravlax; Focaccia with roasted pepper and goat cheese; Seared Tuna tartare on a bed of green bean and vegetable salad with an olive oil lemon dressing; Focaccia with cheese and peppers; Homemade Gnocchi, Arancini - Risotto rice balls with mushroom and mascarpone filling;

Risotto Rice Balls Mobile

Fresh fillet of drumfish; and my favorite-Artichoke ravioli served with a sauce of olive oil, garlic, herbs and artichokes a alla romano.

Dessert was an assortment of the restaurant’s specialties including lotus cake and tiramisu. Fabulous!
The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and accommodates private parties. Mehadrin kosher certification.


    Picollino desserts   Tuna tartar Mobile Terramiso Mobile
    Picclino Desserts   Tuna Tartar  Tiramisu
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Stuffing for the Turkey

Thanksgiving stuffing 2015 320x206

Famous pairs: Adam and Eve, Ben and Jerry, Bert and Ernie, Batman & Robin, wine and cheese, corned beef and rye…and of course, turkey and stuffing. At Thanksgiving, most Americans consider the stuffing just as important as the turkey!  Some call it dressing; some put it inside the turkey and some serve it on the side. Stuffing can be fruity, savory, made of rice, farfel, matzoh meal, cornbread, bread crumbs, quinoa and more. It can be parve, meat, or even gluten-free. Many stuffing recipes are family heirlooms, passed down from a grandmother’s or bubbie’s kitchen, or can be simply made from a convenient stuffing mix. We are presenting some of our favorites, including some packaged choices. Enjoy!  ... And by the way, do send us a recipe for your favorite stuffing recipe.

Wild Rice Cranberry Apple Stuffing
Gluten Free Wild Rice Stuffing
Classic Bread Stuffing
Daphne Oz ‘ Mushroom & Vegetable  Stuffing
Challah Stuffing
Chestnut Stuffing

Easy Corn-Bread Stuffing
Herbed Thanksgiving Stuffing – Slow cooker recipe
Herbed Stuffing with Jack's Kosher Gourmet Sausage

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Grow and Behold
Glatt Kosher Pastured Meat and Poultry

Grow and Behold logo med 225x325Grow and Behold is a dynamic young company specializing in OU certified Glatt Kosher pastured meats, all raised on small family farms.

According to Naftali Hanau, company CEO and founder:
“We adhere to the strictest standards of kashrut, animal welfare, worker treatment, and sustainable agriculture. We pay our farmers fair prices, generally above the national averages, ensuring that they can support their families while raising food for our customers. We work closely with our farmers to determine the best practices for raising animals in ways that support the natural environment and respect the natural instincts of the animals. Grow and Behold works with producers to ensure the highest standards of care for animals and people, all along the supply chain from field to fork. We’ve been blessed with spending years on organic farms, where watching food grow reminded us daily of the miracles of creation… Having our animals raised, processed and consumed as nearby as possible means we’re treading lighter on the earth, leaving less of a carbon footprint.” 

Naftali is a shochet (ritual slaughterer), m’naker (ritual butcher), farmer and professional horticulturist. He grew up around the corner from the kosher butcher in Rochester, NY, and has been a carnivore from a young age. He learned shechita (ritual kosher animal slaughter) in Crown Heights, NY, and Scranton, PA, and has studied at butcher shops and slaughterhouses across the country.  He holds a degree in horticulture from the New York Botanical Garden School of Professional Horticulture has been a Greenhouse Manager at Adamah, a Jewish environmental farming program in northwest Connecticut, worked on several organic farms and owned his own landscaping firm. Anna Hanau, who is Grow and Behold’s Communications director, is a farmer, writer and a Jewish educator. Formerly a vegetarian, she now eats meat when she knows how it’s produced and where it came from.  Anna worked for 10 years at Hazon, and word has it that she keeps a flock of chickens in her Brooklyn backyard.

So how does the meat taste? In one word – exceptional. When we grilled rib steaks they were tender and flavorful.  We pan–fried sweet Italian sausage (nitrite free) and added it to our Slow Cooker Split Pea Soup. Everyone loved it. The sausage added a delicious mild, smoky flavor. The ground beef formed a juicy, flavorful hamburger which we enjoyed on a potato bun.

We are now intrigued by Grow and Behold's newest product Rose Veal.
We asked Anna, what makes this veal different from all other veals?
Her reply:
Finally, veal that your taste buds and conscience can truly enjoy. Our delicious Rose Veal comes from animals raised outdoors on pasture, with plenty of room to graze and move around. They are never forcibly confined, as is common in conventional veal. Instead, these animals nurse from their mother until 6-8 months, and then enjoy a diet of grass and locally-grown grain (including hay and haylege, fermented grain).Rose Veal is generally quite lean and should be cooked to rare. Brining definitely improves texture and flavor. 
There are many more products available from this company that we look forward to trying. We applaud Grow and Behold for its mission, its standards and its commitment to humane sustainable practices and the environment, while adhering to the highest standards of kashrut. 

Grow and Behold offers buying clubs in several cities across the U.S., and ships meat and poultry throughout the U.S.  To learn more, visit them at Friend them on Follow them on Twitter: @growandbehold 

Enjoy these scrumptious recipes from Grow and Behold:
Rose Veal Roast with Pocket
Lamb Roast with Rosemary and Sage



January 16, 2012

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5776 RH Recipes 300Wx374H

KosherEye is providing both new and classic recipes for your Yom Tov table.
May your family be blessed with a sweet, peaceful, delicious
and kosher New Year 5777  


Apple-Beet Herring Appetizer  
Beets with Herring and Apples 
Creamy Parve Pickled Herring 
Cucumber Tomato Salad
Eggplant Salad with Lemon & Olive Oil
Gefilte Fish a la Twerski 
Fruited Barley Salad

Gefilte Fish Chopped Salad
Gefilte Fish "Crab" Cakes 
Geflite Fish with Italian Sauce
Kosher Chicken Liver Pate
KosherEye Faux "Crab" Louis Salad Platter
Matbucha - Tomato & Pepper Salad
Moroccan Carrot Salad
Pear and Spinach Salad by Chef Shlomo Schwartz
Pomegranate, Citrus and Avocado Salad
Roasted Beet Salad with Garlic Almond Dressing
Sefardi Gefilte Fish
Simanim (Good Omen)
Salad - POM Salad Dressings
Smoked Trout Salad
Smoked White Fish Stuffed Tomatoes
Three-Bean Salad with Olives


Apple Harvest Challah 
Apple Raisin Cinnamon Bread
Breakfast Danish
Cinnamon Buns w/Cream Cheese Glaze 
Grape Harvest Bread

Heirloom Challah 
Meira's Famous Challah  
My New Favorite Traditional Challah
Perfect Challah, Every Time  
Raisin Challah
Real Cheese Danish w/Easy Danish Dough
Rebbetzin Kanievsky's Challah
Round Challah   (with video)
Round, Frosted Pull-Apart Honey Challah
Sweet Challah by Marcy                 
Sweet Cinnamon Challah
Whole Wheat Honey Bread
YomTov Frosting for Challah
Infused Honey   


Amazing Apple Rutabaga Soup
Award Winning Chicken Soup
Beef and Barley Soup
Betty's Beet Borscht
Bubbies Chicken Soup
Carrot Dill Soup
Chick Pea Soup
Chicken Satay Soup 
Chicken Soup w/Matzah Balls
CKCA Parve Vichyssoise Soup 
Cream of Parsnip Soup
Flanken Mushroom Barley Soup
Green Matzoh Ball Soup
Heirloom Tomato and Beet Minestrone
Lemon Parsnip Soup 
Lentil Soup
Nancy Gordon's Split Pea Soup 
Smoked Salmon Chowder
Split Pea, Potato and Barley Soup

Chicken Kreplach
Manischewitz Mandarian Surprise Matzo Balls


Aliza's Sweet Potato Casserole with Pecan Streusel Topping
Apple Brandy Sauce
Asparagus in Lemon Vinaigrette
Barley Risotto
Bulgar Salad with Nectarines, Parsley & Pistachios
Bulgar with Almonds and Raisins   
Carrot and Sweet Potato Tzimmes 
Carrot Kugel
Carrot Soufflé
Cauliflower Cake
Cauliflower Curry Puree
Classic Tzimmus with Flanken
Cranberry Cobbler
Easy Cole Slaw
Easy Corn-Bread Stuffing
Eggplant with Garlic
Fasoulia - Green Bean Sephardic Style 
Infused Honey
Jeweled Rice Pilaf
Keftes de Prassa, Leek Patties 
KosherEye Corn Pudding
Moroccan Potato Pancakes with Smoked Salmon and Crème Fraiche 
Parsnip Mango Rolls
Peach Fritters
Pumpkin Seed Gremolata
Quinoa Pilaf
Sweet Rice with Orange and Carrots
Vegetarian Tzimmus
White Bean and Heirloom Tomato Ragu
Wild Rice by Chef Shlomo Schwartz
Ziggy's Kasha Varnishkes


Best Healthy Kugel
Broccoli Noodle Kugel
Crunchy Topped Noodle Kugel  with Almond Crust and Winter Squash
Deluxe Noodle Kugel 
Lokshen Kugel with Plums
Mom's Fruit Noodle Kugel   
No-Noodle Apple Kugel
Potato Kugel
Simple Potato Kugel
Upside-Down Noodle Kugel 
World's Best Potato Kugel


2nd Avenue Deli Brisket
Braised Beef Brisket
Braised Veal Brisket 
Brined Veal Chops with Peach Fritters and Apple Brandy Sauce
Brisket with Bubbie's Seasoning
Butternut Squash Risotto
Chef Avram's Roast Turkey
Chicken Marvelosa 
Chicken Fricassee with Garlic and Red Wine Vinegar 
Chicken with Apples
Chicken with Duck Sauce
Chicken with Pomegranate Sauce
Classic Beef Stroganoff
Coq au Vin
Crispy Honey Glazed Chicken with Tsimmes
Dried Fruit Couscous with Meat & Poultry Variations 
Easy Chicken with Orange Honey Sauce
Falling Off the Bone Short Ribs
Gloria's Stuffed Cabbage 
Honey Chicken-Pomegranate
Kosher Beef Bourguignon
KosherEye Marinated Turkey Chops
KosherEye “Stuffed” Turkey Chops
Mighty Good Meatballs 
Pistachio Crusted Salmon by Chef Shlomo Schwartz
Pomegranate-Braised Lamb Shoulder with Fava Beans
Orange Chicken
Ronnie's Stuffed Cabbage
Roasted Spatchcocked Turkey with Stone Fruit Compote 
Teriyaki-Glazed Chilean Sea Bass with Cauliflower Curry Puree
Turkey OssoBuco
Short Ribs with Butter Beans 


All American Apple or Peach Crumb Pie
Almond Streusel Coffee Cake
Apple and Honey Turnovers 
Apple Pie Shooters
Apple Upside–Down Cake
Apples and Honey Bread Pudding w/Butterscotch Sauce
Apples and Honey Tart 
Aunt Belle's Spicy Honey Cake
Aunt Goldie's Mandelbrot
Aunt Ruthy's Apple Strudel
Baker's Best Cinnamon Bubka w/Crumb Topping  
Babka Bites
Caramel Apple Cake

Black Russian Cake
Blueberry-Lemon Parfait
Chocolate Babka
Chocolate Babka Meltaway
Chocolate Pomagranate Bark
Challah Beer Bread Pudding with Caramel Sauce
Cinnamon–Apple Pie with Raisins & Crumb Topping
Coconut Panna Cotta with Lime Curd
Dried Fruit and Olive Oil Cake
Easier than Pie-Fig-Plum Galette
Easy-No Bake Chocolate Pomegranate Bark
Espresso Panna Cotta
Fresh Apple Cake
Fresh Family Apple Cake 
German Apple Cake
Hilda's Pound Cake
Honey Cake
Honey Cupcakes with Chocolate Honey Glaze 
Honey Chocolate Tart
Honey Spice Cake
"Jewish" Apple Cake (video)
Kolatin Chocolate and Vanilla Mousse Parfait
Kolatin Chocolate-Banana Panna Cotta
Peach or Apple Crisp
Perfect Peach Cobbler
Quick Fruit Tart 
Royal Apple Cake 
World's Best Apple Cake

Cooking and Baking with the Stars

Cooking with the Stars 2011
Baking with the Stars 2012
Cooking with the Stars 2013
Cooking with the Stars 2014


How to Make Apple Cake
How to Make Apple Cinnamon Challah
How to Make Round Challah for Rosh Hashanah
How to Seed a Pomegranate

Helpful Information:

Apple Guide: A very useful guide to apples that will help you make your choice of variety easier and help you gage exactly how many apples you’ll need to create your culinary masterpieces.

Centerpieces and Place Cards:

Rosh Hashana Decor from MiChicas
Rosh Hashanah Holiday Centerpieces 
Rosh Hashanah Place Cards - DIY
Yummy Earth Lollipop Centerpieces

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San Francisco Salt Company
Gourmet Salts

SF Salt Kosher Chef Mobile

Flash back a couple of years and peek into the KosherEye pantry. Like most, it contained four types of salt— kosher salt, sea salt, traditional table salt and pickling salt. However now with so many gourmet salt choices available, when we reach for salt, we have to actually think and select the correct one for each use. Which SALT for which purpose? Shall we use smooth and elegant truffle salt; Pink Himalayan sea salt? Grey salt? And with which salt shall we fill our table salt shakers? Along with types of olive oil, specialty coffee, and of course wine, salt has grown from being a “boring take it for granted” single staple in the kitchen to a gourmet garnish, finishing and flavoring ingredient. By the way, at KosherEye we still do use simple coarse kosher salt or coarse sea salt in our meat and poultry rubs, and in our pasta water. But here’s our gourmet new salty story…. All of these salts are KOSHER CERTIFIEDVaad Northern California

Lee Williamson is founder and President of the San Francisco Salt Company, which launched in 2002. He turned his ”lifetime dream of becoming an entrepreneur” to eventually shake up the world of salt. Williamson created the San Francisco Salt Company to fill a void in the online salt market. The company gradually grew to become one of the largest specialty salt suppliers in the country. The salt is curated globally from the best quality salt suppliers- selected for taste, texture, and appearance. Just a pinch can enhance the taste of a meal to go from mundane to marvelous.

San Francisco Salt Company produces a variety of gourmet salts, and we present a few we sampled and enjoyed, accompanied by the company’s use and sourcing descriptions. As we discover more, we will share more of our salt story:

French Grey Sea salt is a natural sea salt from the western coastal area of France. The salt is "moist" and unrefined. It is favored by the top chefs in France and all around the world. French Grey salt is formed as the seawater flows into the Guerande Marshes during high tides. It remains a light grey, almost light purple color because of the clay from the salt flats where it is collected. The salt is collected by hand using traditional methods. It is fine grain, and is considered by many to be the best quality salt available. This salt has gained popularity in the culinary world. San Francisco’s French Grey salt is carries the Nature & Progrès’ certification label from France. It’s suggested uses include using as a finishing salt, and its mild flavor makes it an ideal flavoring for soup, salads, pastas and sauces.

SF Salt Himalayan Salt Mobile
Sherpa Pink® Himalayan Salt

is quite different from salt found anywhere else. Some consider it uniquely beautiful: it has a pinkish tint, and under a microscope, the crystals within the salt form perfect geometric patterns. Himalayan salt, when left raw and in its natural state, is rich in nutrients and minerals, easily absorbed and utilized on a cellular level. Pink Himalayan salt re-mineralizes the body with minerals and trace elements essential to health and well being.

Suggested uses include cooking/food seasoning, as a gourmet table salt (fine grain only or in a grinder), and blending with flavorful herbs.
Popular for culinary use as a gourmet food salt.
Due to its natural harvesting process, this salt may arrive slightly damp because of moisture in the salts.

Fleur De Sel
Fleur de Sel, French for “Flower of Salt”, is hand collected from the Guerande Salt Marshes of France, using centuries old techniques. Guerande “paludiers” harvest this salt by skimming the very surface of the salt ponds, obtaining only the salt crystals formed on the top layer. It is certified from the Nature & Progrés institute in France, a strict certification process ensuring purity and excellence.

Fleur de Sel salt is esteemed by chefs as the most amazing sea salt for culinary use with its very delicate flavor, light and moist texture and high mineral content.

SF Salt black truffle MobileBlack Truffle Salt
This exquisite finishing salt from Italy is salty, earthy and rich. It is actually natural sea salt enhanced with black truffle flakes. The grain size is fine, perfect for garnishing and finishing dishes. It is growing in popularity in upscale restaurants as a finishing touch for steak, pasta, potato and egg dishes.

For more salt information and education, visit
Follow the company @sfsaltcompany or on at SanFranciscosaltcompany

Interesting salt educational information can be found at the Mayo Clinic.

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