As we start a new year, leading food trend forecasters have shared their predictions.  Topping our list is an important trend relevant to the kosher consumer. A top trend recently reported by Mintel, the world's leading market intelligence agency, is a consistent rise in kosher product claims... “Kosher claims on labels are on the rise and gaining traction. In 2014, 40.6% of new products claimed to be kosher; in 2013, 36.3% and in 2009, 25.6%. Consumers believe that kosher is more wholesome”.


2015 KosherEye Culinary Wish List

Gathered from the wishes of our staff, readers and food blogger friends, we present our annual KosherEye culinary wish list.

YAY! The kosher certified food selection expanded again in 2014. Each year we are excited about the increase in the number of brands choosing to go kosher.

  1. At the top of our wish list, and back for the 5th year, is still our wish for hormone free, cleaner poultry without residual hair, shafts and feathers.

  2. Clean kosher restaurants with sanitation grade A, smiling capable trained wait staff, caring management, quality food and fair pricing. Let us know when you find kosher restaurants with these attributes. We would like to write about them. We also wish that kosher restaurants would be so excellent that many of their patrons come because it is good, not just because it is kosher.

  3. Food trucks and pop-up restaurants rolling across the U.S.

  4. Squeezable anchovy  and tomato paste in a tube

  5. Healthful and ready to heat meals in family sized portions

  6. More and better kosher airline food

  7. More high quality fresh–frozen fish

  8. Bailey’s Irish Crème liqueur

  9. More kosher sherry, brandies and fine kosher liqueurs

  10. More fine vinegars such as Sherry vinegar, Champagne vinegar, Truffle vinegar

  11. More kosher certified store brands

  12. Online vendors listing specific kosher certification, rather than just term “kosher”

  13. A more unified, complete, up to date and easily searchable kashrut listing in a central online location

Although some of the items on the wish list may be available in large, metro areas, our readers across the country and Internationally hope to see them more accessible locally and on the internet.

We invite you to share your kosher finds and wish list with us at or on our Twitter or Facebook pages.  We look forward to a year of exciting and innovative kosher introductions!

*Some of the information for this article was gathered from online reports and various Internet sources.