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10 Wines to Toast the New Year
 Looking back through the 20th century, sweet wines such as  Manischewitz or Mogen David concord wines were found on just about every Jewish Yom Tov table. However,  due to the entrepreneurial vision of the Herzog family, hundreds of kosher wines are now available and enjoyed year round. The kosher wine palette has become selective and sophisticated . Kosher wines are produced and  enjoyed from vineyards and wineries around the world including Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Spain, France, Argentina, Chile, and of course, Israel and California.
As Yom Tov  approaches, we will be presenting a series of articles, and highlighting some wine favorites. The reviews and descriptions include those by experts, wine vintners and KosherEye tasters. 
Gabe Geller, Director of PR and Wine Education Manager for Royal Wine, recently shared some of his wine insights and observations. He reports that " the new releases, produced by innovative newcomers and venerated estates alike, are really something to get excited about. "Whether we’re talking about Herzog wines from California, Terra di Seta wines from Tuscany, Elvi wines from Spain, or Netofa from Israel, it’s clear that today’s kosher wines can compete with any other top-rated label. Quality is everything. Drinking kosher wine is no longer a compromise in quality.”

According to Gabe, Netofa Winery, a boutique estate winery located in Israel's Lower Galilee are once again available in the U.S. These new selections are now available in the U.S. Prices are approximate.
Netofa Tel Quasser White 2017 100% Chenin Blanc grapes -bright straw in color , dry white - similar to a Rousanne, not mevushal, $18.99 
Netofa Tel Quasser Red 2017
   Aged for 10 months in French oak barrels- medium-bodied, with a silky-velvety texture long and elegant finish. not mevushal 32.99 ea. 
Netofa Dor 2016 similar to a Tempranillo. not mevushal. $51.99 
Netofa La Tour A blend of Rhone varietal grapes, Syrah and Mourvedre, , aged in French oak barrels resulting in a wine with fruity taste and medium body. Suggested with roasted or grilled meat or    hearty stews., described as "elegant and refined" not mevushal 26.99

Some sparklers.... We at KosherEye  thought that we were unique in our love of sparkling wine, only to read that the popularity of sparklers is booming. We present three  we like:.

Jeunesse Sparkling Belle Rouge A festive sparkling semi-sweet rose
Serve chilled. This wine is lovely, light and a perfect addition to our sangria. mevushal $14.99 
Herzog Lineage Momentus, an elegant, refined, off-dry white sparkling wine from the Herzog vineyards in California mevushal $19.99 
Herzog Selection Chateneuf Bordeaux is one of our favorite white wines at any price. It's a light, semi-sweet fruity wine. mevushal $14.99 

We would be remiss if we did not share our newest budget finds. In many Trader Joe's around the U.S., two kosher wine selections are currently available.
Givon Chardonnay and Givon Cabernet Sauvignon priced at $6.99 each. These are produced by Israel's Barkan vineyards. Each makes a pleasing table wine and we think they are well worth the BUDGET price.  Both are mevushal. If you buy a bottle, do let us know what you think.

Drumroll here: And then, the most popular kosher wine in America – is actually from Italy.  Bartenura Moscato. Thousands of its drinkers have nicknamed this wine. “@Bartenura Blue” and “Out of the Blue”.  We at KosherEye prefer our dry reds and whites, but so many friends and family love their Blue. The pleasing taste of pear, tangerine, nectar and melon goes well with appetizers, poultry and dessert. However, according to its devoted fans, which is most everyone we know, and many in the hip hop world, BLUE is perfect anytime with anything. $12 -$15. (mevushal)  - Wine for mavens & beginners who want to save $$ has partnered with as an affiliate.  Our longtime readers know that we are very selective as to features, comments and ads we post on KosherEye. This partnership allows us to share up-to-date kosher wine news, recommendations and ratings from wine experts, and offer our readers what we believe is the best online wine pricing available. If you order, please use our LINK, and then enter  $15 off/$200 discount coupon they have provided for KosherEye readers.   Use the code: KosherEye15 for the discount.
As the largest kosher wine retailer in the country, offers over 100 brands, along with several exclusive imports and private labels. Whether you are a value driven or luxury sipper, we think that you will learn from expert recommendations. offer a huge selection  (over 1,000 wine choices), and much of it is on sale right now. . If you can't decide, consider their curated mixed cases  -- from highly rated value selections all the way up to splurge worthy fine wines. 

By the way, if you order a full case, there are no shipping charges and you can select wines in varying price ranges.
Most of our featured wines can be purchased online at If you order, please do use the discount coupon we've provided. 
• FREE SHIPPING on all full cases (one type of wine or mixed)
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