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KosherEye Featured Kitchen Tool

KosherEye Featured Kitchen Tool

                      Gourmia Fryista model post                                     Gourmia fries finalGourmia Fryista Air Fryer

Who knew?  At the 2018 International Housewares Show, we had spotted air fryers from several exhibitors,but were not really anxious to try a new countertop appliance. Besides, we’re from the south, and in our language “frying” means deep fry in several inches of oil. After viewing at least 10 different companies introducing various models of air fryers, we decided that on behalf of our readers, we had to stay on top of trends and educate ourselves as to what this gadget can (and we thought, cannot) do. So, we requested 2 test units…a very compact one from DASH, and a family sized air fryer from Gourmia. And, now, all we can say is Double WOW!

The Gourmia 5 quart air fryer is family sized, simple to use, affordably priced and results in crispy, fast cooked results. It uses a system called RadiVection 360-degree technology which provides radiant and convection heat for fast, even, crispy texture.

  •  Makes crispy French fries, vegetables, fried chicken and more with just a spray of oil
  •  It can roast, grills, bake and defrost
  •  RadiVection technology combines radiant & convection heat
  •  Takes less than 1/2 of the time of a regular oven
  •  Simple controls: 60-minute timer with auto shut-off;
  •  Temperature control up to 400° F
  •  5-quart fryer basket accommodates family sized quantities of food
  •  Removable, non-stick fry basket for easy for easy clean-up
  •  Includes recipe book
  •  1-year manufacturer's warranty

We highly recommend this unit, (GAF560) for pricing, ease of use, size and functionality. It is family friendly. Buy it here: Gourmia GAF560
Try our recipe for Fried Chicken in the Air Fryer 


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Kalorik Egg Cooker 2
The Kalorik Egg Cooker
Who needed an egg cooker? Not us! It was not even on our top 50 wish list of kitchen tools. So what happened? We went on vacation with a family member who talked incessantly (I mean that in a good way!) about the “wonderful” egg cooker he had at home. Each morning when he prepared his vacation breakfast - first boiling water, then timing the eggs and then struggling to evenly peel them, he would mention his “no fail” egg cooker, and why we should have one. We were tempted and knew that we had to try this tool at the very least to humor him, so we contacted Kalorik (his recommended brand) and very skeptically tested their 7-egg model. Results? To our complete surprise…EGGcellent! Confession here: We have a lack of patience and admit to being terrible egg peelers. In fact, we usually enlist our husband to do this task. Not any longer. The Kalorik egg cooker appliance makes peeling eggs a cinch.

Simply add desired number of eggs (up to 7) to the appliance. Punch a teeny tiny little hole at the top of each egg (piercing tool supplied); Fill the base with water. Cover, plug in and let steam from 7-15 minutes. When the eggs are ready, a buzzer sounds. Put eggs in an ice bath (optional) to stop cooking, and then peel. The peel comes off easily, quickly and perfectly. The unit is easy to clean, but we do wish that it was dishwasher safe. Highly recommended. EGGceptional tool. The model we tested, #EK 35321 is affordably priced at $18.35 on Amazon. Click Here to buy.

  • Cooks up to 7 eggs at the same time
  • Stainless steel heating plate and lid
  • End of cooking signal
  • On/off switch with light
  • Egg poacher for 4 eggs
  • Small enough to store in most cabinets
  • Ideal for hard boiling and soft boiling up to 7 eggs, and poaches 2 eggs

For more information about the Kalorik Egg Cooker, click HERE!

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Shaker and Apple Strudel
Sift and Shake, Shake, Shake with RSVP

Yes, sometimes the right kitchen tool can make a difference in prep time, along with the way foods look and taste. Two examples of our favorites are our OXO apple slicer/corer which we often use – particularly when baking pies and cakes, and our Microplane citrus zester, which adds so much flavor to many dishes. We have recently tested some new sifting gadgets, and are sharing news of our favorites. Each is priced at $20 or less, and saves time.

The Endurance - 11 ounce 18/8 stainless all purpose shaker by RSVP-INT
This all-purpose shaker is perfect for sprinkling flour, herbs, sprinkles, salt, pepper while baking and cooking. The holes are substantially larger than those in the fine mesh shaker. The dishwasher-safe shaker comes with an airtight cover for storage.  - BUY by CLICKING HERE

The Endurance - 11 ounce 18/8 stainless fine mesh shaker by RSVP-INT
This is a handy tool to decorate foods such as cakes, pies, desserts, waffles, pancakes, and to garnish and flavor drinks. We particularly like using the shaker for garnishing cakes with powdered sugar. The dishwasher safe shaker comes with an airtight cover for storage. Approximately $10
 - BUY this Fine Mesh Shaker by CLICKING HERE.

The Chef’s Duster by Everyday Gourmet
This is a handy scoop for dry ingredients. Scoop directly from a canister, like a flour canister, snap on the cap, and gently squeeze the spring handle to dust, sift or blend. It is made from dishwasher safe 18/8 stainless steel, Approximately $20 - BUY The Chef's Duster by CLICKING HERE!

  rsvp fine mesh shakerRSVP all purpose shaker  chefs duster rsvp

Recipe: We mixed our favorite poultry spice rub and stored it in the all purpose shaker, ready for seasoning a poultry prior to roasting.

5 Tablespoons onion powder
5 Tablespoons garlic powder
5 Tablespoons paprika
2 teaspoons sea salt or kosher salt
1-teaspoon pepper

For more RSVP International brand kitchen tools visit:

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hamilton blue mixer crop

Mix it up!  Two Affordable Stand Mixers 
Did you know that the #1 small appliance gift for newlyweds is a stand mixer? However, not all gifters or bridal couples can afford the ultra deluxe models, and not all cooks have the need for a luxury stand mixer. So we went on a search for affordable models that we think can step in. As we know, ideally, kosher homes actually need 2 appliances for everyday usage – one for dairy and one for meat. (And, possibly even a third one for Passover). Basic economics make it even more essential to find alternate budget priced mixers. We found 2 very appealing candidates.


Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer

Hamilton Beach Stand Mixer cropped

The new powerful  Hamilton Beach 63392 stand mixer is a versatile appliance, effortlessly mixing and kneading dough, cake batters and whipping eggs. meringues and cream. The powerful 300-watt motor can handle the thickest of ingredients, including our homemade oatmeal raisin, pecan, chocolate chip cookies. We didn’t even have to scrape the bowl at the end. The unique planetary mixing action rotates the single oversized beater around the entire bowl, for even and complete mixing.
Seven speeds lets you go from a slow stir to a fast whirr, with simple and easy control of each one. Nonslip feet keep the mixer still while in use, and the detachable splatter shield prevents drops and spills and helps prevent “flying flour”. Attachments include a flat beater, dough hook and whisk. All attachments, as well as the stainless steel 4-quart mixing bowl, are dishwasher safe.

We are impressed! We found the Hamilton Beach stand mixer just as efficient, easy to use and stylish as our classic luxury artisan mixer. Even a seasoned baker will like this model. Since many kosher homes need two mixers, this would be a great choice. And yes, we love the price. We found it online for $99 — including free shipping. A second bowl can be ordered for $44. This is an affordable winner! This Hamilton Beach stand mixer can be purchased at stores such as Target, Wal-Mart, and online at Amazon.

• Superior mixing comparable to more expensive stand mixers 
• Complete bowl coverage 
• Powerful 300 watt motor 
• Includes flat beater, whisk, and dough hook 
• 4 quart capacity stainless steel bowl with handle
• Includes splatter shield 
• 7 speeds, • 14.5 lbs.

Dash Stand Mixer
On our search for affordable mixers, we came across the potable, lightweight Dash Everyday Stand Mixer which we found online for $39.99.

Dash colorful mixers 6

The Dash Mixer offers six preset speeds ranging from gentle mixing to high-speed whipping, and also includes dough hooks and a 3-quart stainless steel mixing bowl. The retro design, compact size and wide color range make this appliance quite stylish. It is easily portable, due to its lightweight. As one consumer wrote, “it is functional and cute” and a good buy. We recommend the Dash for small kitchens, college apartments, vacation homes, beginner cooks, and of course for Passover. The company does not yet offer an extra bowl for purchase.
Click HERE to see a Video of the Dash Stand Mixer in action!

Features & Benefits
• 3-quart capacity stainless steel mixing bowl
• 6 preset speeds range from low to high
• All non-electric parts are dishwasher safe.
• Portable-weighs less than 5 lbs. and fits neatly under cabinets 
• 250 Watts
• 1 year manufacturer warranty
• Compact footprint – contemporary color range includes white, yellow red, fuchsia, pink, mint green, copper, black, and aqua
The Dash may be purchased online and at retailers such as Target. 
To buy at Amazon, click on the photo below and select your favorite color: 



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