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KosherEye Featured Kitchen Tool

KosherEye Featured Kitchen Tool

What a difference a sharp edge and the correct size cutting implements make in kitchen efficiency. We have written about WÜSTHOF Poultry and Kitchen Shears. . . and now we are taking a SHARP turn and are on to knives. After 20 years of using mostly the same meat knives, all stored in the same knife block, we knew that it was time to upgrade. Yes, as in most kosher kitchens, we have three sets of knives. In ours we have a colorful up-to-date dairy set (How we love our Kai Komachi); odds and ends for Passover; but confession here. . . our meat knife set is antique.

If you are thinking of purchasing a whole new set of knives, we suggest the 7-piece classic WÜSTHOF knife set for consideration. So handy! A knife for every kitchen task. We like the grip, the weight and the ease. We have been testing the 7-piece classic set, and it has made quite a difference in our prep, chopping and slicing time. An amazing difference!

7 Piece Classic Knife Set
When you treat yourself to new cooking tools, it's like a personal "kitchen shower". Yes, changing all of your knives at once, is an investment, but it will save you time, and if cared for can be a money saver in the long term.

We learned that the WÜSTHOF classic knife set has specially formulated high-carbon stain-free steel blades that hold a sharp edge. And the triple-riveted polyoxymethylene handles ensure a comfortable and steady grip. Each knife is precision forged from a single piece of sturdy high-carbon stain-free steel that resists stains and corrosion. Classic WÜSTHOF is formulated to last for years! And, by the way  kitchen shears are included in this set, as is a sharpening, honing steel. We like that!

• WÜSTHOF 's Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) is 20% sharper with twice the edge retention..
• Full tangs are triple riveted to the handles for exceptional durability and control.
• Durable polymer handles are contoured for a comfortable grip.
• High-carbon stain-free steel blades
• Hardwood block safely stores 13 items and is gentle on knives' edges.
• Includes: 3 1/2" paring knife, 6" utility knife, 8" chef's knife, 8" bread knife, 9" honing steel, Stainless-steel pull-apart shears, 13-slot hardwood storage block

Single Classic 8" Cook's Knife from WÜSTHOF - Awarded to Honorees at KosherFEAST16
This 8"  knife was selected as the honoree gift at KosherFEAST16, the annual kosher media dinner.  If you want to treat yourself (or a lucky cooking pal) to an exceptional cutting tool, we suggest this CLASSIC 8" knife, a chef's kitchen favorite for generations. The CLASSIC 8" cook’s knife is an all purpose kitchen knife, a workhorse to be used for chopping, mincing, slicing and dicing. Due to the weight and balance of the knife, it is also perfect for heavy duty cutting of thicker vegetables and meats. A must have!

  • Precision-forged from a single blank of high carbon stainless steel
  • Full tang that is triple riveted to the handle for precise control
  • Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) yields a blade that is 20% sharper with twice the edge retention.
  • Comfortable and highly-durable polyoxymethylene (POM) handle with a traditional look and feel, stickered with our red Trident logo
  • Full bolster and finger guard 

Wusthof 2 MobileAll WÜSTHOF knives are crafted in Solingen, Germany and are fully guaranteed against defects in craftsmanship. They are sold in specialty and department stores in 90 countries around the world. The U.S. subsidiary, WÜSTHOF-TRIDENT OF AMERICA, INC. is located in Norwalk, Connecticut.

5 Rules for Knife Safety:
1 – Full Attention to the Blade! 
When working with a knife, give the job and knife 100% of your attention. Don't allow distractions! Eyes on the knife and the food!
2 – Sharp Knives are Safe Knives 
Always keep your knives sharp — dull knives require more force to cut and are more likely to slip. (OUCH!)
3 – Anatomy Off Limits! 
Don't check the sharpness of a knife with any of your body parts.
4 – Cut Away, Never Toward 
Always cut away from yourself whether using, sharpening or cleaning your knives.
5- ABSOLUTELY No, No, No multi-tasking when using a knife

Buy the WÜSTHOF Knives including the 7 Piece Classic Knife set, or the Wusthof 8" Classic Cook's knife #4582/20cm,
and other Wusthof knives here: Wusthof knives.


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joie lemon juicerWe love tools that make prep and cooking more efficient. This one is a must have. The JOIE citrus juicer/reamer and measuring tool performs a dual job in the kitchen. We tested it on lemons, limes and small oranges. The clear, strained juice flows right into the measuring base.

  • Perfect size for juicing lemons, limes and small citrus
  • Allows you to squeeze and strain, and measure amounts of juice
  • Clear juice reservoir with incremental measurements listed on the side measures from 1 tsp-6 tsp
  • Dishwasher safe
    Click here for more information on the Joie Citrus tool

Buy the Joie Citrus Reamer and Measure here:Joie Citrus Reamer

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Master texted sized w arrow series grater

As many know, Microplane originated as a woodworking company and has evolved into a brand of "must have" tools for the kitchen. And now, there’s a new line of hand-held graters from our favorite “grate” company. The new collection, the Master Series is crafted in walnut and stainless steel. The line consists of four paddle-shaped graters and the rasp-style Master Zester with blades configured for fine, ribbon, coarse and extra coarse grating. The four paddle shaped Master Series graters have suggested retail prices of approximately $29.95 each, while the rasp-style Master Zester lists at $26.95.  Get ready! The Master Series availability is expected in early fall, 2016.

As always, graters by Microplane have contemporary design, durability and dependable performance. The made-in-the-U.S. blades are sturdy, heavy-duty stainless steel. The oiled wood for the handles is sourced in the U.S., and is comfortable to hold. The graters also feature a wide non-slip bottom for stability when positioning the grater vertically on cutting boards and bowls. We tested the extra coarse grater, and found it extremely useful for grating chocolate for baking, and for shredding vegetables. It made grating beets, potatoes and onions a cinch. Yes a GRATE new tool – especially for small everyday jobs.

  •  Ultra-sharp cutting edges effortlessly grates foods
  •  Ergonomically designed oiled wood handle
  •  Ideal for grating cheeses, apples, onions, carrots, potatoes & more
  •  Includes a cover for protective storage
  •  Stainless steel blade is made in the USA


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Amco apple slicerMobile CR
It’s apple season in most homes. The Amco Dial-a-Slice apple tool is a must have kitchen tool to slice apples in various size wedges. With a pull and twist of the base, apples can be sliced into 8 or 16 wedges. This little kitchen helper works so well for apple pie, tarts, cobblers, cake baking and snacks.

• Stainless Blades
• Dishwasher Safe
• Comfortable soft-touch handle
• Easily adjustable blades, slicing fruit into 8 or 16 wedges
• BPA-Free

Available at Sur La Table and online at Amazon:  Amco Dial-A-Slice Adjustable Apple Corer and Slicer

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Cuisinart 14 Cup Elite Processor

Cuisinart FP 14DCN
I form personal attachments to many of my kitchen tools. Take – my 5-year-old OXO peeler; my trusty Wusthof paring knife; …my mom’s antique wooden chopping bowl and cleaver. I know that it is time to replace some of these, but they are reliable staples in my culinary life. And, I resist change, especially in the kitchen.
So, you can imagine how I felt when I realized that it was time to update my trusty Pro-Custom 11 Cuisinart Food Processor. This 11-cup wonder is still running perfectly, and I’ve used it regularly for 21 years, without a concern, a malfunction or a complaint. However, with our readers at the forefront, KosherEye tries to stay knowledgeable and on the cusp of food prep and kosher brands, we realized that it was time to update. We knew that the Cuisinart Processor family has moved along in 21 years, and wanted to explore the changes. Yes, there have been many updates and once again, this company has amazed us.

The Cuisinart Elite Collection 2.0 is a 14 Cup Food Processor with a 1300-watt power motor. The innovative updates allow versatility and include a removable and interchangeable 4½-cup bowl nested inside the 14-cup bowl. (In our opinion, 2 processors in one!) The processor has a touchpad control with on, off, dough and pulse options and an LED light up bar indicating when the unit is powered on. Pretty Avant-garde! Additionally the processor has a wide mouth feed tube for larger ingredients, which saves Prep time.

Accessories include a dough blade, reversible shredding disc, adjustable slicing disc, along with both small and large chopping/mixing blades. This model actually offers multiple food processors in one. Both small tasks and large are effortlessly accomplished!
The new SealTight™ Advantage System helps keep the ingredients in the bowl, and works to make processing and pouring efficient. We love, love love the feature that the blade stays put when we pour out processed ingredients. No more finger gymnastics trying to keep the blade in the bowl. All blades and removable parts are dishwasher safe and they fit in an easy to fasten storage case. Great for the neurotically organized, like me.
A specially shaped bonus spatula designed for the processor is also included.

So our results and recommendations; Cuisinart is the royalty of food processing. We like both bowl sizes. In fact it is like having an all in one mini and maxi processor. The 14-cup size makes preparation for a crowd easy and quick. It mixes, chops, purees, liquefies, slices, grates, kneads and more.
And the 4.5 cup bowl makes it easy to prepare dips and smaller recipes. Both make prep almost effortless and efficient. We also like the soft-touch control panel, with its intuitive, simple operation. No need to be a techie to operate! Although the processor has a larger footprint than our old model, we like the fact that it is a 2 for 1 appliance, and that all of the accessories are in a compact, lockable case. If you are searching for a new processor, this is the one! Buy it here: Cuisinart FP-14DCN Elite Collection 2.0 14 Cup Food Processor

old and new Cuisinart CR txtWe highly recommend the Elite 2.0 because of its versatility, power and ease of cleaning. Thank you Cuisinart! We love our new processor. However, we are not wasteful! We are transferring our older model our trusty 21-year-old processor base to our Passover kitchen and replacing the plastic bowl and steel blade with new ones. We’ll let you know when our 21-year-old Elite 2.0 reaches its 25th milestone anniversary. Just as we did with our prior processor, we are keeping this one parve.

We tried several recipes in our new Cuisinart, and are sharing some:
Potato Kugel
Homemade Challah Bread Crumbs
Crunchy Peanut Butter
Faux Kosher Crab or Fish Cakes

One more thing:
The ultimate guide to creating deliciousness with a food processor was written by chef, author, recipe developer and food lecturer Norene Gilletz. Her landmark cookbook shared hundreds of recipes using the food processor. The original cookbook is now out of print, however the updated edition  The Food Processor Bible 30th Anniversary Edition - 600 fast & fabulous recipes” is now available.  We have both the original and the updated version front and center in our personal culinary library! 
Buy the anniversary edition here: The New Food Processor Bible: 30th Anniversary Edition

NEW GIVEAWAY: Cuisinart and KosherEye have partnered to give away the Elemental 8 cup processor- the compact wonder for every day use! Read about this processor and enter here.

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