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The Amazing New HotMat 
The Compact, Foldable Warming Tray

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Meet the HotMat…a practical and innovative food warming tray, which was born in Israel and internationally patented. It is ideal for daily use and practical for traveling... Unlike standard metal warming trays, which are heavy and bulky, the HotMat is lightweight and user friendly. The HotMat was invented and designed by Jerusalem born and bred Rafi Gabbay, a graduate of the Bezalel Academy's Master in Design program. When Rafi, was still a student at Hadassah College Design School, he sketched some ideas for his final project. The concept of a foldable warming tray emerged, with emphasis on performance, advanced technology and safety. HotMat uses mica-heating elements to ensure evenly distributed and energy-efficient warmth. It is divided into two “warm” hobs and two “hot” hobs. It accommodates up to 4 pots and pans… It can be folded for efficient storage, and uses less storage space than standard warming trays, fitting into most kitchen drawers when folded. This was created as a Shabbos friendly heating solution, but do check with YOUR Rabbi.

Meet the HotMat on this video and visit the HotMat website for more information. HotMats can be purchased at stores throughout the U.S. or online at!shop/c7j

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