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Bialetti2 Small
Bialetti – The 12” Titan

We’re in “Pan Love”

We discovered the Bialetti Titanium fry pan in Chicago at the 2018 International Housewares Show, and we recently had the opportunity to work with it. (Thank you for our sample Bialetti!) How much do we like it? So much that we are going to purchase another one for the meat side of our kosher kitchen. We’re using our test sample for dairy.

Our 12” pan absolutely requires no special care; nothing sticks; it heats evenly; is oven safe up to 400 degrees, and cleanup is a cinch- in the dishwasher. This quite amazing hi-tech pan is metal-utensil friendly. (Disclosure here- most of our utensils are silicone!)
We have used the Titan for scrambling eggs,omelets, fish, cheese frittata, pancakes and more. Everything cooked well and slid right out of the pan. And yes, it is oven safe. We’re sold!

Watch Chef Fabio Viviani demonstrate some recipes: Chef Fabio Viviani demonstrates the Bialetti 12" Titan

Bialetti Titan pan cover CR

  •  Metal-utensil safe Titanium-reinforced nonstick surface
  •  Micro divots surface elevate food to deter sticking
  •  Allows even oil distribution
  •  For use with gas and electric stoves
  •  Oven safe to 400 degrees F
  •  Metal handle
  •  Aluminum/stainless steel/non stick
  •  Dishwasher safe
  •  Lifetime manufacturer's warranty

    Click on
    above image to purchase the
    Bialetti Titan non-stick pan from Bed, Bath and Beyond.


Other Bialetti pans are available on Amazon. Click the ↑above pan
to see them.

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