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When we were in Evergreen, the kosher supermarket in Monsey, NY we discovered a "life-changing kitchen tool:  Plastimade  brand disposable plastic cutting sheets. These plastic cutting sheets, come in a roll and can be cut to any size. They even have a built in sliding cutter, similar to a box of plastic wrap. Eliminate clean-up -- cut to any size--use--then toss.

  • Cut the sheet to the size you need. Roll measures 12” wide x 25’ long.
  • One side textured, one side smooth
  • Great for home or travel, commercial or catering use
  • Easy-sliding cutter built into the box
  • Bendable plastic makes it easy to transfer food - Mess-free for easy food preparation - Disposable and easy to use - Strong enough to cut on
  • Eliminates cross contamination

By the way,  if you ever have a chance to visit Evergreen Supermarket,  go!  This grocery is 30,000 square feet of every kind of kosher food you can imagine -- a Disneyworld for kosher foodies. There is also a location in Lakewood, NJ.

Disposable cutting sheets are available on Amazon - Click image below to order:



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