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Let My Children Cook!

A Passover Cookbook for Kids
By Tamar Ansh
Publisher: Judaica Press

Let My Children Cook! makes it easy for kids to share in the fun of Passover cooking. Kids will also discover how to cook delicious food on their own, so no longer will they complain, "There's nothing to eat around here!"

Filled with recipes such as Matzah Marshmallow Melts, Crunchy Chicken Crisps and Matzah Soup Squares, to Rocky Road Brownies and Mock Oatmeal Cookies, the entire family can enjoy cooking together.


Let My Children Cook! includes cooking and safety guidelines, some information relating to Passover dietary laws and tips for new, young chefs. Colorful whimsical illustrations appear throughout the book's pages, many of which teach lessons, such as washing hands before cooking and cleaning up when finished. The cookbook is particularly geared for kids aged 8 – 15 and features over 80 easy recipes with step-by-step instructions, along with cooking and kitchen safety tips specifically for kids. There are also some fun arts and crafts projects that the kids (and their parents) will enjoy.

Tamar Ansh is a busy mom who loves to write, cook, bake, read, and chat with her kids. Since her kids have recently taken over the kitchen, she decided to share their experiences with her readers. In her spare time Tamar is a bestselling cookbook author with hits such as A Taste of Challah, Pesach – Anything's Possible, A Taste of Tradition and others. She is a food columnist and gives live cooking and challah demonstrations around the world. Mrs. Ansh lives in Jerusalem, Israel together with her family and their pet rabbit Fluffy.

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Let My Children Cook!

This fabulous giveaway ended 11:59PM, March 25th. The lucky winner is M. Grossman, Brooklyn, NY.

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