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Haley's Corker 5 in 1 Wine Tool
Enhancing, Serving and Preserving wines all over the world!

Some call it the "Swiss Army Knife" of wine accessories!
This is a must have functional kitchen gadget. It will preserve your leftover wines, and make your wine bottles easily storable on their sides in the refrigerator. We suggest adding it to a bottle of wine and delighting your host with a useful gift.
Haley's Corker is a 5 in 1® design:
• Aerator – to enhance bouquet and flavor
• Filter - helps prevent cork residue, sediment
from entering a glass
• Pourer - drip-free pour control
• Re-corker – never struggle with a cork again
• Stopper – store wine and make bottles spill-proof on their side in the refrigerator
• Dishwasher safe, reusable and made in the USA
• Works on olive oil and vinegar as well

Haley's Corker's is partnering with KosherEye and giving away an 8-pack set of Haley's colorful corkers to two winners. Retail value $53 per set.

This fabulous giveaway ended 11:59PM, April 29th. The lucky winners are Susan Kaplan, Brooklyn, NY and Sarena Kopciel, Monsey, NY.


See the 5 in 1 Wine Tool in use:

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