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Champagne Pairings 2016 - Giveaway

champagne glasses 350W
By Maayan Jaffe-Hoffman of

2016 is here. Many mark the New Year by celebrating with a bottle of bubbly… a lively, sparkling white wine. 

Here are three kosher champagnes that will make any celebration sizzle:

Gilgal 350HGilgal Brut: A delicious, sweet and simple fizzy wine from Israel’s Golan Heights. This sparkler, infused with apple and citrus aromas, is light and easy to drink. Use this wine to start out your celebration, as guests are coming in to mingle over nuts, popcorn and potato chip appetizers. It is great with salty-crunchy finger foods.


For Gilgal Bruit information, see details here.

  hagafen reis 4 1 crHagafen Estate White Riesling Napa Valley: This is one different white Riesling! This bright, luscious wine shows aromas of litchi, cherries and white peace. Sweet fruits, such as kiwi, papaya, mango, and pineapple mingle in the mouth and on the tongue with every swallow. Serve it with heaping bowls of Thai or Chinese noodles, preferably spicier dishes to help cut the sweetness.


 freix 350H

Freixenet Excelencia Brut Cava: Crisp, dry and captivatingly smooth, this sparkling wine has citrus aromas and apple flavors. End the day with this hard-to-pronounce but stunningly delicious champagne, paired with New Year's Day desserts.

What is Champagne? Historically it is a sparkling wine produced from a grape grown in the Champagne region of France and then carbonated. However, the term Champagne is now often used as a generic term for any sparkling wine. ALL Champagne is actually sparkling wine, but only the sparkling wine made in the Champagne region of France can truly be called Champagne.
When bubbly is produced in the United States it is usually called sparkling wine, or American champagne; in Spain, it’s Cava; in Italy, it’s Prosecco or Asti and so forth. Bubblies throughout the world hold varying monikers.

Whatever the name, Champagne's capacity to inspire good cheer has been well documented. Pop the cork--L'Chaim and have a happy 2016.

Three lovely recipes to pair with bubbly of your choice:
Quiche Onion Tarte Lorraine
Cold kosher faux crab dip
Egg Rolls

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