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Scrub daddy asst Mobile
Our friend Lynne recommended this to us, and then we saw inventor Aaron Krause featured on Shark Tank. When entrepreneur Lori Greiner invested thousands in the product, how could we resist investing $4.95? Obviously, the country caught on too since the products have expanded to a whole family of sponges and scrubbers, and is the most successful product in Shark Tank history.

Shark tank
Shark Tank’s Lori Greiner with Scrub Daddy
inventor Aaron Krause

The original Scrub Daddy patented cut out smiley face design is made unique by its exclusive scratch-free FlexTexture™ material. His one-of-a-kind pores adjust with water temperature to change his scrubbing texture. In warm water, he becomes soft and compressible; in cold water he becomes firm for extra scrubbing power on dishes, cookware, appliances and more! Scrub Daddy is safe to use on wood, plastic, copper, cast iron, fiberglass, stainless steel, non-stick coatings and glass.

Scrub Daddy is an amazingly versatile cleaning tool for the kitchen and beyond!

  •  Easy grip, dishwasher save, and washing machine safe
  •  His mouth is designed to clean both sides of forks, spoons, knives and other utensils at once.
  •  Soft in Warm Water and Firm in Cool Water
  •  Independently lab tested to rinse clean of debris and resist odors for up to two months.
  •  Available in multi-color packs to help with maintaining kashrut

Visit for more sponge and scrub news including Scrub Mommy – Dual sided scrubbing,
and Big Daddy – The shapeable sponge to fit your needs and more.

Free Giveaway - A gift basket brimming Scrub Daddy products - Scrub Mommy, Big Daddy, and Sponge Daddy in a colorful assortment of sizes and smiles.

The team at Scrub Daddy wants KosherEye readers to smile while they CLEAN. They are partnering with KosherEye to offer a free gift basket brimming with Scrub Daddy products such as Scrub Mommy, Big Daddy, Sponge Daddy in a colorful assortment of sizes and smiles.

Giveaway is limited to continental U.S. only. If not living in continental U.S, you may still enter and, if selected, "gift" your prize to a continental U.S. friend or relative. The winner will be notified by email. Once notified, the winner must respond within 48 hours or the prize will be awarded to the runner-up.

This giveaway ended at 11:59PM, April 14, 2016. The lucky winner is Ruth Vellensky, South Salem, NY.

If you just can't wait to see if you are the winner (or just want to buy some), you can order online here: Scrub Daddy Products

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