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Gobble It Up!

turkey-cartoonKosher Turkey Giveaway

We’re talking Free Empire Kosher Turkey! 

Enter the Empire/KosherEye random giveaway for a FREE 12–pound (approximately) kosher turkey shipped directly to you! Ten kosher turkeys will be given away, two per day, for five days, starting November 7th!

To enter, just complete the sentence, “I am thankful for____________" and submit it to us between November 3rd and November 11th.  Submit your entries, as many as you like, to Contact Us. You can also use the Comment Box at the bottom of the Presenting Kosher Turkey Talk feature.

And the Winners Are...

November 7th:
Simone Wilker 
"I am thankful to be able to write you this email, to enjoy life, and to be healthy and happy."

Amy Goldkin
"I am thankful for... people. Even in these hard times, when you think that no one cares and that no one understands where you are in life, someone steps forward and helps or offers help or something in some way that you really need."

November 8th:
Ellen Kayser
"I am thankful for Empire Kosher turkey! And chicken!"

November 9th:
Sarah Nehrer
"I am thankful for both parents and children who are all healthy and happy and who share their love with me in so many different ways."

Eli Pugliese
"I am thankful for my wonderful rabbis who are also two of my very best friends, my mentors and my inner circle."

November 10th
Leta Borck
"I am thankful for my 14 month old grandson..Azriel Meir Stengel....He is the "turkey" of my eye!!! Gobble... gobble!!!"

Stanley Kugel
“I am thankful for"that fabulous pumpkin soup recipe that I'm going to make again and have it with my turkey this year"

November 11th 
Barbara Baum
"I am thankful for my Family and Friends, especially my Mom, who will be 90 (please G-d) in December, for my terrific grandkids, and lastly, for the existense of the State of Israel."

Judy Gunter
"I'm thankful for the men and women who are serving all the USA Armed Forces to keep America Safe and Free."

Madeline Zivian
"I am thankful for life and being able to enjoy my kids and my grandson."

– Giveaway Ended –

Kosher Turkey Talk –  Ask the Experts…

For the first time ever… A Kosher Thanksgiving hotline!

KosherEye, along with the knowledgeable staff of Empire Kosher Poultry and renowned chef/author, Laura Frankel are ready to answer your kosher turkey or trimmings questions. Our kosher turkey experts will be available to answer online turkey talk questions. Please allow 24 hours for a response. Questions can be submitted by email at Contact Us. You can also use the Comment Box at the bottom of the Presenting Kosher Turkey Talk feature.

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