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KosherEye Featured Kitchen Tool

KosherEye Featured Kitchen Tool


   Even if you don't have a smoker box, you can get smokin'!

Smokinlicious adheres to the philosophy of "all natural" by providing gourmet wood products that have never been exposed to chemical spraying. They only harvest woods from the trees of Western New York and Northern Pennsylvania that are in their natural state - forest woods, left to mature on their own, without exposure to chemical contaminants and/or growth enhancers. They use only the "heartwood" - the filet of the tree - to manufacture our smoking woods. And, their "gourmet" woods are always bark free! --free of contaminants such as mold, spores, and insect infestations.
Smoking works by using low heat to make smoke as wood smolders, imparting a smoky flavor. When using a grill, the heat and smoke from the wood slowly penetrates and flavors the cooking food item. The result - authentic wood-fired food.

Several varieties

  • Ash/Alder, mellow, sweet - use for poultry and fish
  • Hickory- classic smoked flavor - use for beef
  • Red/White Oak strong nut flavor - use for beef, lamb poultry
  • Sugar Maple – Smooth, sweet – all foods (We especially like this for smoking fresh salmon)
  • Wild Cherry – fruity, sweet use for beef, poultry

   No chemicals, No resin, no processed wood elements

These chips may be used on wood burning, charcoal or gas grills.
BVK kosher Vaad HaKashrus of Buffalo

Buy the chips at
Ask Dr. Smoke your "smokin" question!

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chopstir2Sometimes a culinary tool  just doesn’t live up to the claims made about it. We’ve all watched those “as seen on TV” ads, and some of us have even succumbed and purchased the item. So when we tried the ChopStir, made by D&A Bryan, we did so with some trepidation. Its claim: The Only Kitchen Tool That Chops Ground Meat In a Fraction of the Time! Guess what dear readers, we don’t know if it is the ONLY tool of its kind, but it absolutely does what it says.

The ChopStir is a handheld, innovative cooking tool that substantially decreases the cooking time of separating and chopping up ground meats. It also pulverizes fruit; we tried it on both berries and bananas. Ingredients of all kinds are chopped and stirred instantly and easily. This tool truly stirs us to recommend it highly!

Production Description:

  • Can be used with non-stick cookware
  • Easy to clean, Dishwasher safe
  • Available in white or black
  • Made of heat resistant nylon, BPA free
  • Made in the USA

Price: from $6.60
To purchase or view, click here for White or click here for Black.

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The "Cubico"


This fun kitchen gadget is known as "the world's fastest mechanical vegetable dicer". Now how about that! Just cut the fruit or vegetable to fit the container, and then rotate the handle and the Gefu Cubico chops, chops, chops. We made chopped onions for sautéing, a gazpacho salad with chopped peppers, onions and cucumbers, and chopped zucchini for a stir-fry dish. We also tried it for chopping roma (firm) tomatoes and fresh pineapple – the consistency was perfect for a salsa. The catch plate has a lid so that chopped foods can be stored in the refrigerator.

• Precise dicing/cutting, faster than chopping by hand
• Chops vegetables such as peppers, onions, zucchini, yellow squash, potatoes, carrots
• Chops fruits such as pineapple, peaches and apples
• Sleek European Design
• All metal parts are made of stainless steel
• Dishwasher Safe, Easy to clean

Buy it on Amazon $39.99: Gefu CUBICO Fruit & Vegetable Cube Cutter / Slicer

Learn more about Gefu at

Enjoy this video and see the Gefu Dicer in action.



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We like this cookware for several reasons. The colors are fun - perfect for separating dairy and meat in a kosher kitchen (Crimson Red, Copper Bronze (shown above), New Moon Blue and Black). The heavy aluminum bottom has textured heat bands for more even heating, and the non-stick coating is ecologically advanced to produce less greenhouse gases.  Plus, we like the soft, squeezable, silicone stay cool handle.  Ecolution's motto “Cook Well, Do Good”!


  • Heavy Gauge Aluminum for even heating
  • Keep cool silicone handles
  • PFOA-free Non-stick coating
  • Dishwasher Safe, Oven Safe to 350
  • Lifetime warranty


9 1/2"  fry pan $17.00 (other sizes and colors available)
To buy: Ecolution Evolve Fry Pan

For more information about Ecolution, visit

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Legendary Chef Julia Child introduced the whisk (or whip, as she called it) to Americans in the 1960's*.  Until then, most of our mothers and bubbies used a fork... likely a dinner fork, to mix, combine and beat. But, as most everything dear Julia recommended, American cooks became fans of the whisk, and learned to use and appreciate this multi-tasking tool that can aerate, whip, beat, emulsify, deglaze, and mix.

However if you have recently shopped for a whisk, you have likely discovered that there is a huge assortment of shapes, sizes, designs and materials. The world of whisks has come a long way since Julia whipped it into our lives.

So let's become whisk savvy. KosherEye has worked (ok- played) in our kitchens with several whisks, provided to us by Rösle, a company, which offers a variety of stainless steel and/silicone whisks, crafted for an assortment of uses. But understanding which whisk was best for which task, was a learning experience, a fun one at that.

A bit about Rösle:  Rösle makes a variety of excellent kitchen tools and cookware. These whisks are all made of durable 18/10 stainless steel, that won't react with foods, and are dishwasher safe. Some shapes are available with a silicone coating as well. And, they all have a lifetime guarantee.

From the Rösle whisk collection:


Egg Whisk
- Wide spacing of the fine wires and a slender handle produce light and airy results when whisking mixes of liquid or semi-liquid consistency. Suggested for batters, cream mixes, sauces and soups.





Balloon Whisk/Beater - The robust handle in combination with flexible, densely positioned wires; suggested for mixes of thick or semi-liquid consistency, especially for whipping cream and egg whites for meringues, soufflés and cake batters.. This whisk incorporates air and body into foods, and according to is the whisk that Julia Child made famous. It is suggested for recipes that call for combining dry ingredients, like flour, salt, and baking powder or baking soda: It distributes and helps break up any large bits, often eliminating the need for sifting. Many say that if one can only have one whisk, this is the one.


Flat Silicone Whisk - The flat shape of this whisk is especially suitable for stirring small quantities, and is heat resistant up to 500°F. This whisk's loops are arranged in a flat pattern so that they cover the large surface of shallow fry pans or roasting pans—perfect for mixing roux's, pan sauces and gravies.






Jug Whisk - This whisk, similar to a balloon whisk but more slender, is ideal for whisking in narrow containers and glasses. Food and drinks can be quickly and easily stirred. Suitable mixing most liquids, including shakes and salad dressings.




Twirl Whisk - This flexible spiral shape moves up and down and facilitates airy beating of mixes, reaching the base and all corners of a narrow container. It is especially suitable for processing small quantities of liquids such as sauces, dressings and gravies.





If you are planning to buy only one whisk – which whisk should it be? The experts are mixed on this. Some suggest the balloon whisk; others the jug whisk, and some couldn't live without their egg whisks. Our thoughts: Think about why you need a whisk, and select the one that best suits that job. Most are very versatile. Or, of course, you can buy them all! Click on the whisk below to buy Rösle whisks:


For more information visit

*AND NOW... a treat for you dear readers. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and watch Julia cooking up a dairy cheese soufflé with her wire whip.

Part 1:



Part 2:




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