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KosherEye Featured Kitchen Tool

KosherEye Featured Kitchen Tool


We like this cookware for several reasons. The colors are fun - perfect for separating dairy and meat in a kosher kitchen (Crimson Red, Copper Bronze (shown above), New Moon Blue and Black). The heavy aluminum bottom has textured heat bands for more even heating, and the non-stick coating is ecologically advanced to produce less greenhouse gases.  Plus, we like the soft, squeezable, silicone stay cool handle.  Ecolution's motto “Cook Well, Do Good”!


  • Heavy Gauge Aluminum for even heating
  • Keep cool silicone handles
  • PFOA-free Non-stick coating
  • Dishwasher Safe, Oven Safe to 350
  • Lifetime warranty


9 1/2"  fry pan $17.00 (other sizes and colors available)
To buy: Ecolution Evolve Fry Pan

For more information about Ecolution, visit

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Legendary Chef Julia Child introduced the whisk (or whip, as she called it) to Americans in the 1960's*.  Until then, most of our mothers and bubbies used a fork... likely a dinner fork, to mix, combine and beat. But, as most everything dear Julia recommended, American cooks became fans of the whisk, and learned to use and appreciate this multi-tasking tool that can aerate, whip, beat, emulsify, deglaze, and mix.

However if you have recently shopped for a whisk, you have likely discovered that there is a huge assortment of shapes, sizes, designs and materials. The world of whisks has come a long way since Julia whipped it into our lives.

So let's become whisk savvy. KosherEye has worked (ok- played) in our kitchens with several whisks, provided to us by Rösle, a company, which offers a variety of stainless steel and/silicone whisks, crafted for an assortment of uses. But understanding which whisk was best for which task, was a learning experience, a fun one at that.

A bit about Rösle:  Rösle makes a variety of excellent kitchen tools and cookware. These whisks are all made of durable 18/10 stainless steel, that won't react with foods, and are dishwasher safe. Some shapes are available with a silicone coating as well. And, they all have a lifetime guarantee.

From the Rösle whisk collection:


Egg Whisk
- Wide spacing of the fine wires and a slender handle produce light and airy results when whisking mixes of liquid or semi-liquid consistency. Suggested for batters, cream mixes, sauces and soups.





Balloon Whisk/Beater - The robust handle in combination with flexible, densely positioned wires; suggested for mixes of thick or semi-liquid consistency, especially for whipping cream and egg whites for meringues, soufflés and cake batters.. This whisk incorporates air and body into foods, and according to is the whisk that Julia Child made famous. It is suggested for recipes that call for combining dry ingredients, like flour, salt, and baking powder or baking soda: It distributes and helps break up any large bits, often eliminating the need for sifting. Many say that if one can only have one whisk, this is the one.


Flat Silicone Whisk - The flat shape of this whisk is especially suitable for stirring small quantities, and is heat resistant up to 500°F. This whisk's loops are arranged in a flat pattern so that they cover the large surface of shallow fry pans or roasting pans—perfect for mixing roux's, pan sauces and gravies.






Jug Whisk - This whisk, similar to a balloon whisk but more slender, is ideal for whisking in narrow containers and glasses. Food and drinks can be quickly and easily stirred. Suitable mixing most liquids, including shakes and salad dressings.




Twirl Whisk - This flexible spiral shape moves up and down and facilitates airy beating of mixes, reaching the base and all corners of a narrow container. It is especially suitable for processing small quantities of liquids such as sauces, dressings and gravies.





If you are planning to buy only one whisk – which whisk should it be? The experts are mixed on this. Some suggest the balloon whisk; others the jug whisk, and some couldn't live without their egg whisks. Our thoughts: Think about why you need a whisk, and select the one that best suits that job. Most are very versatile. Or, of course, you can buy them all! Click on the whisk below to buy Rösle whisks:


For more information visit

*AND NOW... a treat for you dear readers. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and watch Julia cooking up a dairy cheese soufflé with her wire whip.

Part 1:



Part 2:




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Chef Sleeve iPad Stand


Coffee and the iPad; Cooking and the iPad; pairs that go together well. Our search for the perfect iPad stand has been a long one. The reading angles, the footprint and flexibility to easily change app screens were all factors. Well, dear readers, mission accomplished! We highly recommend the Chef Sleeve iPad Stand, manufactured by the makers of the Chef Sleeve ipad sleeves

Our new iPad stand conveniently joins us each day as we sip our coffee and read the online morning newspapers. It props up our iPad as we follow online recipes. And, we enjoy watching our favorite TV shows (cooking shows of course!) while we cook in our kitchens. If you are an iPad owner, you need this!


• Dishwasher Safe
• Two viewing angles
• Portrait or landscape orientation
• Heat resistant to 350 ° F
• Fits iPad 2, 3, 4, and Mini
• Anti-slip rubberized feet
• Made in USA


For more information, visit
Buy it here: Dishwasher-Safe iPad Stand




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Lékué Silicone Ice Cream Tray



From Lékué, one of the most innovative companies around, we discovered flexible shaped ice cube trays. What fun! These add to the theme of the party or special event. The hearts are perfect for Mother's Day, Bridal Showers and really any LOVE-ly occasion. And the stars, well we think they are so COOL to help make that grad, shine!


Flexible ice cube trays with fun shapes and cheerful colours. Freshen up any occasion with ice cubes in different shapes.

• FDA approved recyclable flexible rubber
• Retains shape, unbreakable
• Easy individual pop-out
• Hand wash

Tip: Add a drop of food coloring or juice to the water for colorful party cubes.

Lekue ice trays are availabe here: Lekue ice cube trays

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Travel Tumbler by Thermos®


We think that this is a thoughtful, fun and functional gift for Mom or Bubbie, or for that matter, anyone. If they drink hot coffee, hot tea or iced beverages, this thermal tumbler will keep the liquid hot or cold. And, it is spill proof as well. This lightweight tumbler is perfect for the car, the card or maj game or to take on a walk. And, if you want to go up a notch, buy a beverage to go with it.
• Thermos® vacuum insulation technology for maximum temperature retention, hot or cold
• Lid is made with BPA-free Eastman Tritan™ copolyester to resist stains and provide durability
• Unbreakable stainless steel interior/exterior
• Compact design is lightweight for easy portability
• Twist and pour stopper
• Dishwasher safe




Approximately $24; in plum, white, teal or black. To
Thermos® 16-Ounce Vacuum-Insulated
Travel Tumbler, Stainless Steel


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