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Which peeler for which task?  When you need to remove the outer layer of skin from a vegetable or fruit, it can be a time consuming and daunting chore. But, with the right tool, it can be an effortless quick peel. Naturally, we are always aiming for quick and easy. Here are two peelers which we found work well, and actually zip the skin right off.

Zyliss Soft Skin Peeler
zylisssoftskinpeelerThe double serrated blades of this peeler help to lift the skin gently, avoiding localized hard pressure on the flesh of the fruit. As a result, the flesh stays unbruised and intact.

Product Description:

  • For peeling soft, delicate fruit and vegetables

  • Works well on tomatoes, kiwi, peaches, plums, pears, ginger, celery and more

  • Features a sharp, two-sided serrated blade for gently peeling skin

  • Chunky, ergonomic handle designed to fit comfortably in the palm

  • Sharp steel tip for removal of blemishes

  • Dishwasher safe, comes with a plastic blade cover for safety

Price: Approximately $8.00
Available at most housewares and Walmart stores amd on

Zyliss Smoothglide Peeler
The sharp smooth blade on this peeler allows for quick, easy peeling of fruits and vegetables such as apples, cucumbers, carrots and potatoes.

zylisssmoothglidepeelerProduct Description:

  • High quality, sharp swivel blade for versatile peeling

  • Hardened steel blade gives long lasting performance

  • Sharp steel tip for removal of blemishes and potato eyes

  • Suitable for left or right handed use

  • Chunky, contoured, ergonomic handle

  • Dishwasher safe

Price: Approximately $8.00
Available at most housewares and Walmart stores amd on

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