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KosherEye Featured Product

KosherEye Featured Product

sophistiplate table cropped


We attend trade shows throughout the year to find the newest in food, wine, housewares and entertaining accessories for feature. As some of you know that before there was a KosherEye, we founded and operated a large party store in Atlanta. So, we consider ourselves tabletop mavens and are always looking for beautiful dinner and servingware.

When Sophistiplate sent us some tableware to try, we knew that this new line was an answer to our search. The patterns are beautiful, stylish, elegant, and DISPOSABLE! We simply love this brand which is headquartered and shipped from Laguna Beach, California. 

A father and son team, Gary and Daniel Seehoff, conceived of Sophistiplate while traveling in Europe. They are both housewares industry veterans, with a passion for innovation and design. Daniel also holds a degree in hospitality and is a professionally trained chef. From Daniel, ”Our goal at Sophistiplate is to elevate disposable tableware to new heights, offering gorgeous items that you can mix and match easily to curate a stunning coordinated table setting”. The tableware had to be convenient, but with the WOW factor. It is!

At this time of year, Jewish homes tend to have more guests than we have dinnerware placesettings, so Sophistiplate is the perfect stand-in for the real thing. Additionally, since many of us do not use our dishwasher on Shabbos or Yom Tov, disposables help with the messy factor we face after each meal. And, yes as we know, there are lots of meals and lots of mess!

We will be setting our table from time to time with the beautiful Sophistiplate tableware, and photographing it to share with our readers.
Visit to see the wide range of tableware, or to order, click: Sophistiplate

  •  Products are designed and manufactured in Italy just outside of Rome
  •  Plates are made from recycled paper and have a special food safe coating
  •  Tableware can be selected from curated sets or from individual pieces
  •  Available pieces are chargers, dinner plates, salad/dessert plates, napkins and flatware

  sophistiplate plates cropped

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We learned about Buzz + Bloom at the Fancy Food Show. We were initially attracted to this OU kosher certified brand because of their beautiful honey jars, designed to depict “the global, honey-making relationship between the honeybee and the flower”. Whether it is a lychee fruit tree or fresh citrus groves, the company offers a diverse line of honeys, sourced all over the world. The brand has no artificial ingredients, flavors or preservatives, and is gluten-free, fat-free and nut-free.

From the company “Some honeys are overheated, over filtered and over processed, stripping the honey of its natural pollens and nutrients. Buzz + Bloom believes that honey should have natural pollen in it, highlighting the floral essence of the area where the honey originates. That’s why Buzz + Bloom only gently strains its honey, ensuring that it retains its natural pollen and unique taste profile. The honeys are packaged at a lower temperature to help maintain the beneficial enzymes and antioxidants.”

Buzz + Bloom honeys are easily recognizable by their bright blue caps.
The Jewish “honey” season is here –so enjoy dipping, spreading, cooking or spooning this superfood. For more information, click:

3 Honey Tips
Honey does not spoil. If you see crystals form in any honey jar, simply put the honey in the microwave for a few seconds.
Oil a spoon or measuring cup before filling with hone. It will release easily!
If honey has crystallized, put it in the microwave to heat for a few seconds.

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Orange Guard -- Bye, Bye Bugs!
orange guard for feature

Orange Guard is a must for every home. We don’t like bugs. and are wary of the dangerous insecticides which eliminate them. We are always searching for a safe organic method of preventing and eliminating any insect invaders. Enter Orange Guard. It is family friendly, safe for humans and pets, even around food. Its main active ingredient is Limonene, a chemical found in the peels of citrus fruits and other plants. Orange Guard is 100% made from edible plant extracts and water, making it a viable solution to use in your kitchen and around your children and pets.
It is even said to have many uses, including medicinal properties, and has a lovely citrus scent.

Not only does it keep insects out, but it also cleans. We use it on the inside and outside of window sills, in kitchen crevices, door thresholds and just about anywhere that we have ever seen or could see an insect. Simply spray in cracks and crevices around your home to prevent an insect invasion.
Can you tell? We do our utmost to banish bugs from our home!

Orange Guard is available in 32 ounce spray bottles and refill containers.
For more information, visit
To purchase Orange Guard, click here: Orange Guard Home Pest Control



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 Inka plantains sized
Inka Roasted Plantain Chips are made from a special variety of the banana family that is intended to be cooked before eating (as a starchy vegetable side dish), rather than eaten raw like "dessert" bananas. The plantains used by Inka are both nutritious and delicious, and grown in Peru.

Instead of frying, Inka plantains are sliced and roasted in pure palm oil for a light and crispy baked snack that can be served with a dip or eaten or straight from the bag.
The problem….we found them way too addictive! Crunch and Yumm!
• All Natural
• No Trans Fats
• Low in Sodium
• Gluten Free
• Non-GMO
Varieties include lemon, original, sweet and spicy plantains, all OU certified
For more information visit

Avocado Dip for Plantains – A KosherEye signature recipe
Creamy, layers of flavor for dipping plantains chips or crudités 
2 avocadoes, peeled and pitted
1 tablespoon lemon juice
3 Tablespoon mayonnaise 
3 Tablespoons sour cream
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 clove minced garlic

Combine all ingredients and serve with plantain chips.

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gitf set richlandrum 1

Richland Rum founder, Erik Vonk arrived in Georgia in 1990 to launch an Atlanta bureau for Randstad, the multinational Dutch staffing firm. He retired from the company within a decade, and then changed directions. Along with his wife Karin, he purchased a large tract of farmland near Richland, Georgia. They named their farm Vennebroeck (Dutch for “ponds and brooks”). Vonk was intrigued by the area’s history of sugarcane farming. “I just sort of had this ‘aha’ moment,” he says. Vonk set out on his own quest to grow, distill, and barrel-age sugarcane into something that would evoke the lost character of pre-Prohibition rum.

Most commercial rum today is made from molasses, the by-product of sugar refining, rather than the cane syrup used during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Working with the University of Georgia extension office, Vonk identified the variety of cane that grows best in southwestern Georgia’s climate — Georgia Red — and secured permission to build a still for personal consumption. In 2007, when he decided to turn his hobby into a business, Vonk had to jump through some regulatory hoops since Vennebroeck straddles two dry counties.

The Richland Distilling Company is located in a formerly shuttered shop in historic downtown Richland, Georgia. The distillery and tasting room are available for free tours. The rum is a “Single Estate Old Georgia Rum, hand crafted from unrefined sugar cane, copper pot distilled and matured in virgin America white oak barrels.” Richland Rum is kosher certified by the , the Atlanta Kosher Commission (AKC).
The rum has won several awards and accolades including Flavor of Georgia Award 2014, The Good Food Awards 2016, including 94 of 100 points from Tasting Panel Magazine, and gold medals by numerous international tasting competitions.
We found the rum smooth enough to sip, and enjoyed it simply poured over ice. We also tried it and enjoyed it in some of our favorite cocktail recipes.
Visit the website at; or even better, make a reservation and visit the distillery when you are in Georgia!

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