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KosherEye Featured Product

KosherEye Featured Product

Locally Grown Kosher Certified Lettuce


Washing and checking lettuce-FEH! It is a necessary, but time consuming and sometimes less than pleasant.

Therefore... our delight when we discovered PodPonics. What a convenience for the kosher shopper and, for that matter, for anyone who wants clean, locally grown, ready to eat lettuce.

PodPonics utilizes a proprietary system that integrates advanced hydroponics, proprietary lighting, irrigation and nutrient technology with process control. Their growing system eliminates pesticides, reduces cost, and improves product quality. The benefits of the approach include providing a healthy, natural product grown in a controlled environment at or near the point of consumption.

The line is packaged in a 5-ounce clamshell container, and currently available in two mix varieties: Green Mix with green romaine and green lollo, and Encore Mix with green romaine, green lollo and red lollo. 10-ounce packages of each variety are also available. Consumers can expect to see additional Lettuce Buy Local mixes debut throughout 2014.

PodPonics is
• Georgia Grown,
• Pesticide free,
• Washed, ready to eat, OU kosher certified
• Package in clamshell, found in produce department

For more information, or to inquire when this lettuce will be available in your area, visit by clicking the PodPonics logo: Podponocs_logo
Podponic lettuce is is currently available at stores including select Whole Foods, Fresh Market and Kroger

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 Jeff's Sodas
"Get Creamed!"

"You scream, I scream, we all want an egg cream"
Those who grew up in NYC have egg cream memories. The Egg Cream is a nostalgic symbol from days gone by, and Jeff's Sodas is hoping to make the egg cream a part of future memories.


Despite its name, the egg cream contains neither eggs nor cream. In the beginning, it was a soda produced almost exclusively in New York, specifically Brooklyn.

As Jeff's Sodas explains "Legend has it that the first product that could be described as an egg cream was developed during the early 1890's by Louis Auster, a Jewish immigrant who owned a candy store in Brooklyn. Later, around 1920, Moisha Zambrowsky, owner of Moisha's Luncheonette on the Lower East Side of Manhattan dispensed the product from his fountain." Over the next few decades, especially in the NY area, soda fountains were popularized in luncheonettes and candy stores, and one of their premiere products was the popular egg cream. However, traditional fountain service began to disappear in the 1970s and 80s, and with that trend the ubiquitous egg cream waned. But, Egg Cream America, Inc. - manufacturer of Jeff's Sodas, has now reinvented the egg cream tradition. It is a bottled, dairy based carbonated beverage, Kosher Certified OU-D.

We got creamed by Jeff's! So convenient, ready to drink, just chill and serve.


Orange Dream: This one tastes like the Good Humor Creamsicle ice cream bar of our memory, sweet, tart, rich, creamy.

Vanilla Soda: We enjoyed the rich, deep vanilla flavor

Chocolate Soda: The one that tastes the most like the egg creams of our beloved Bronx, when we visited the corner luncheonette.

A diet version of the chocolate flavored soda is also available.

For more information or to order visit:

Want to make your own egg cream? Here's the recipe:
The Original Brooklyn Chocolate Egg Cream from Fox's U-Bet

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Blake Hill Preserves
Taste the Difference


In 2009, Vicky Allard and her husband, Joe Hanglin, founded Blake Hill Preserves. They are third generation English preserve makers, acclaimed for creating award-winning chutneys, jams and marmalades in the Green Mountains of Grafton, Vermont using in season, top quality fruits from local farms. Blake Hill Preserves are made from all-natural, non-GMO ingredients without the use of artificial colorings, preservatives, thickeners or fillers, and now, the Blake Hill Preserves' entire range is OU Kosher certified. The company is one of only a very small number of US-based artisanal preserve makers to receive kosher certification.

Recently, the company was honored with 3 Good Food Awards, including the first ever chutney to win a Good Food Awards from among 1,450 entries in the blind taste tests. Blake Hill Preserves also won two Golds and a Silver for their organic citrus marmalades from over 2,000 entries to the Worldwide Marmalade Awards. Both are record breaking achievements for a US preserves producer. Blake Hill Preserves' chutneys, jams and marmalades are available in over 300 gourmet and specialty food stores including Whole Foods Markets in the North East and Central Market in Texas.
Happily for consumers all over the U.S., the preserves can be purchased online at the website Each jar retails between $6.99 and $7.99.

Vicky Allard was kind enough to send KosherEye a selection of her amazing preserves. . . and we report on some of our favorites. (Yes, we are still tasting!)
Raspberry & Hibiscus Jam: Perfectly ripe raspberries and organic hibiscus flower petals combine to create an incredibly fruity and fragrant jam. Finalist in the 2014 GOOD FOOD awards...
We used this as a topping for vanilla ice cream and Greek yogurt, and mixed it with balsamic vinegar and thyme as a dip for rotisserie chicken.


Grapefruit and Lemon Marmalade: Organic grapefruits and lemons are infused with thyme from Blake Hill Preserves' kitchen garden, creating a truly unique, bright and citrusy marmalade. 2014 Silver award marmalade award... This is truly luscious as a topping for toast or English muffins.



Plum & Fennel all Natural Chutney: Inspired by North African cuisine, this is like a richly spiced Moroccan tagine in a jar. Gold winner Good Food awards...
We tried this alongside a brick of cheddar cheese and crackers. Yumm! We plan to serve it alongside lamb chops. Stay tuned.


Orange and 10 Year Single Malt Whisky Infused Marmalade:
2014 Gold Winner – Marmalade awards
Lovely over a flourless dark chocolate cake! Can't wait to try this with baked brie

To learn more about Blake Hill Preserves or to purchase product online, visit Blake Hill Preserves, and also visit Facebook page.

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The New York Times' Florence Fabricant hailed Love Beets as "Cute, Sweet and Handy" – and KosherEye agrees!

Since 2010 Love Beets has been defying preconceived notions of boring beets with a line of freshly cooked, super tasty beet juices. Beets are one of the newest 'super foods' to hit the headlines. Packed full of nutrients, they have long been used in folk medicine to treat a variety of ailments including fevers and illnesses relating to digestion and the blood. It turns out that the Ancient Romans got a few things right as the benefits of a beet-filled diet are now scientifically confirmed!
Medical experts claim that beets:
•   Lower blood pressure              
•   High in powerful antioxidants
•   Help to prevent some cancers  
•   Lower cholesterol
•   Treat anemia and fatigue          
•   Support healthy liver function
•   Aid tissue growth                      
•   Stabilize blood sugar
•   Reduce risk of osteoporosis  

The kosher varieties of Love Beets are freshly cooked in their own juices and vacuum-packed for freshness, and are also available as organic. We like their convenience, versatility, and that they can be enjoyed hot or cold in a variety of dishes.
Love Beets are:
•   Freshly cooked in their own juices and vacuum-packed
•   Ready to eat, nothing added and can be enjoyed hot or cold.
•   Available as organic

Check the package for the OU kosher symbol. This year, Love Beets are also certified for Passover use. Look for the OU-P (kosher for Passover) symbol.

KosherEye truly loves beets. We like them in salads topped with simple vinaigrette; mixed with a creamy pickled herring; in our goat cheese topped beet soup; and of course in our traditional borscht with dollops of sour cream. Love Beets makes these beet recipes so convenient. No roasting, no peeling, no boiling! The beets that are ready to love!
Love Beets are available in most supermarkets across the U.S.
For more information visit:

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Dr. Praeger's Sensible Foods

Lightly Breaded Tilapia Fillets



Dr. Praeger's Sensible Foods believes that a healthy lifestyle includes exercise and sensible eating. Their line of all-natural products, have health benefits and taste great, too. Dr. Praeger's products are all natural, low in cholesterol and sodium, have no preservatives or artificial flavorings and no trans fats. The tilapia fillet, are so convenient and delicious. It is an excellent product for the busy kosher shopper. KosherEye oven- baked the fillets, and in 22 minutes we had a delicious fish dish – added a simple salad and baked potato and voila, dinner! We added a twist of lemon and served with a side of tartar sauce.

11-ounce box
Panko Crusted Whole Fillets
No Trans Fat
Low Saturated Fat
Good Source of Fiber
OU kosher certified and OU-P (kosher for Passover) when specially marked

Buy Tilapia fillets and other Dr. Praeger's products here
or at your local supermarket.

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