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KosherEye Featured Product

KosherEye Featured Product


David Zulberg, the author of the book The Life-Transforming Diet published by Feldheim, is considered one of the foremost experts in Maimonides' medical works. This book, 'The Life Transforming Diet', is currently in its sixth printing.

As a result of the book's success, Zulberg further pursued his interest in herbal remedies based on the Rambam's writings. He consulted with renowned herbalists and naturalists globally, including experts in India and China, resulting in his recently launched company Bio Herbal Tech, focused on providing life changing nutritional supplements.

The initial two supplements available from Bio Tech are remedies for:


Anxiety & Stress
GOALS: Ease Stress, Support Emotional Health
Relax Mind and Body, Enhance Positive Mood

Weight & Digestion
GOALS: Appetite Control and Optimum Digestion
Boost Mood, Powerful Antioxidants, Weight Management



• Manufactured in the USA,
• Vegetarian,
• Star K Kosher Certified

Bio Herbal Tech products are available here: Bio Herbal Tech kosher

For more information about these dietary supplements visit:

Check with your health professional prior to adding these supplements to your diet.

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Sweet and salty, chewy, crisp and crunchy is the way tasters describe Chip-Zel-Pop. It is the ultimate snack made with all-natural ingredients – a combination of crisp potato chips, pretzel sticks, and buttery caramel corn, drizzled with caramel, and dark, milk and white chocolate.

Chip-Zel-Pop has been featured on The Today Show and Good Morning America. "The best thing I think I've ever eaten!" said Sam Champion of Good Morning America.


Tall canister (pictured) contains 1.25 lbs
Natural brown sugar, pretzels & potato chips
No hydrogenated oils OR high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors or colors
OU-D Kosher certified/

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    Spice Up Your Life

We have rarely met a company so confident about their product that they told us that we would fall in love. When Lawhorn's tweeted us that this spice made almost everything taste even more delicious, we simply couldn't resist challenging the claim. After all, that's one of the missions of KosherEye -- seeking out the newest, best and most convenient products for the kosher kitchen.

First, however, we validated kashrut with our consulting Rabbi Reuven Stein of the AKC since the product simply bears a "K". Our findings: it was recommended. Rabbi Howard L. Seif of Hollywood, Florida supervises it as kosher, parve. Once the kashrut was approved, we began to shake, shake, shake. We were anxious to see if Lawhorn's original Signature Seasoning was as special and versatile as its spokesmen declared. It was! (Do read our full feature (LINK)
Consumers agreed, and now Lawhorn's has developed 3 new spice flavors.

And the new low sodium blends are:
• Italian for sauces, pastas, meatballs, veal, chicken, salads, garlic bread and breadcrumbs
• Hickory Smoke for a "wood grilled" flavor indoors and out-- ribs, chicken, brisket, steaks, prime rib and more
• Tex-Mex for a taste of old Mexico. Try on tacos, fajitas, quesadillas, enchiladas, Mexican rice, chili, salsa and even tortilla chips

KosherEye developed a special recipe for guacamole using Lawhorn's Tex-Mex seasoning. Enjoy!

Lawhorn's is available in supermarkets such as Publix, Winn Dixie Wal-Mart, and Kroger.
For more information, visit


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KosherEye has made a new discovery and what a find it is! We try to follow up on suggestions from our readers, and so when a KosherEye friend recommended we checked it out. We found a huge online store of disposables, paper and plastic goods for entertaining, everyday use, Shabbos and special occasions. In fact, we were so impressed that we contacted the company – requested samples and decided to share this site with our readers. Our sample order was shipped promptly and arrived intact. (According to comments on their site, this is the norm!) We don't know how they do it, but orders $49 and over are shipped free. Freight for orders under this amount, cost only $5. And, for even more savings, yes, KosherEye is very frugal-minded, we love their weekly "steals and deals".

A bit about the company: Sholom, the founder of was brought up in a family of 9 children. His education includes yeshivas in the U.S. and England. While growing up, he shared many of the weekly supermarket shopping experiences with his mom and siblings, laboriously dragging home groceries and paper goods. So, as an adult, Sholom, realized how convenient, time saving and budget friendly it would be to have paper goods delivered. The option of affordable delivery was common for large offices, but not realistically affordable for families, especially small families. Thus, along with a childhood friend, he founded

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Zojirushi Virtuoso Bread Maker


Selecting a Breadmaker can be confusing – especially if one has not previously owned a bread machine. So many choices - one paddle or two? vertical loaves or horizontal loaves? A machine that makes a 1 lb. loaf or a 2 lb. loaf? Size of actual machine? Ease of use? Settings? Decisions... decisions... decisions!

So let's talk! We have recently tested the newest model, of the Zojirushi (pronunced zo-jih-ROO-shee) bread maker, the Virtuoso BB-PAC 20. In fact, since we have grown so attached to it, let's use its nickname, the Zo. It has moved to a position front and center in our kitchen, right up there with our stand mixer, Vitamix, Coffee Maker and food processor. Not only are we busily making whole wheat bread for weekday sandwiches, challah for Shabbos, and cinnamon rolls (yumm) much too often, but we have also made jam. strawberry jam to be exact. So simple! Making jam was so easy, that we plan to progress to blueberry and peach jam later this summer.

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