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We present our 2017 Thanksgiving Cookbook

Wishing you a "Turkey-licious" day!

Turkey Talk Hot Line is Open through November 22nd

Send us your Kosher Turkey Talk comments or questions by emailing us at with "Kosher Turkey Talk"
as your email subject, or post your questions on our Facebook page.


Betty Goodfriend's Turkey Tzimmes

Chef Avram's Roast Turkey   
Garam Masala Spiced Turkey 
Kishke Stuffed Turkey Breast
KosherEye Marinated Turkey Chops
KosherEye Stuffed Turkey Chops
Oven–Roasted Turkey Breast 
Pan Seared Turkey Chops
Roasted Whole Herb Turkey with Mushroom Gravy
Roast Turkey and Stuffing (2nd Avenue Deli Cookbook)
Roasted Spatchcocked Turkey with Stone Fruit Compote    
Thai Turkey Chowder
Turkey Schnitzel 
How to carve your turkey - watch this Video:

How carve turkey real simple video play


Chestnut Stuffing     
Classic Bread Stuffing
Daphne Oz's Mushroom & Vegetable Stuffing
Easy Cornbread Stuffing
Gluten Free Wild Rice Stuffing
Slow Cooker Herbed Thanksgiving Stuffing
Start with Stuffing Mix
Wild Rice Cranberry Apple Stuffing


Aliza's Sweet Potato Casserole with Pecan Streusel Topping
Amazing Apple Rutabaga Soup
Baked Spinach and Asparagus 
Basil and Pecan Sweet Potato Bake
Basmati Rice with Raisins, Cranberries, Almonds & Fresh Herbs  
Blueberry Sweet Potato Muffins

Cabbage and Apple Soup

Carrot Dill Soup
Carrot Souffle
Celery Root, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Cranberry – Tangerine Chutney
Cranberry Relish   
Cranberry Salad by Simone

Curried Creamed Kale and Pearl Onions 
Curry Spiced Sweet Potatoes & Butternut Squas
Fasoulia– Green Beans Sephardic Style
Frisée, Beet and Pecan Salad with Orange Vinaigrette 
Hot Curried Fruit (Slow Cooker 
Julie's Best Parve Caesar Dressing 
Maple-Pecan Sweet Potatoes 
Parsnip and Roasted Garlic Puree
Pumpkin Challah 
Quick & Easy Candied Sweet Potatoes 

Butternut Squash Mash with Balsamic Onions
Sage Sweet Potato Mash
Sautéed Greens
Stuffed Baked Apples
Sweet Potato Gratin
Turkey Gumbo
Wheat Berry Salad with Butternut Squash and Dried Cranberries  


A Trio of Drinks
Apple Sangria
Pomegranate Martini 
Oprah's "Legends Lemon Drop Martini"
Singapore Sling
Sparkling Cosmo  
Wine Pairings 2017     


All American Apple or Peach Pie
Apples and Honey Tart
Apple Chess Pie
Apple Crumb Pie
Apple Custard Pie 
Apple Upside Down Cake
Bourbon Chocolate Chip Pie
Chocolate Angel Pie 
Classic Pecan Pie
Cranberry Apple Pie with Sweet Walnut Topping
Créme de Menthe Pie
Cranberry Raspberry Sorbet
Family Apple Cake
Fruit Jewel Pie
Kahlua Pecan Pie
Lime Poppy Seed Pound Cake
Maple Bourbon Sweet Potato Pie
Michael Jackson's Sweet Potato Pie
Old Fashioned All–American Apple Pie
Pumpkin Chestnut Roulade  
Pumpkin Pie
Pumpkin–Vanilla Bean Sorbet
Race-Day (Kentucky Derby) Pie
Sweet Potato Pecan Pie
Thanksgiving Maple Pecan Pie 
World's Best Apple Cake 

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