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KosherEye Featured Product

KosherEye Featured Product

Chesterhaven Farms Honey 

waxing honey edited pic 
The KosherEye team has recently tasted some new honeys - and think that they are lovely for Yom Tov. Waxing Kara is a company based on the Eastern Shore of Maryland in Chesterhaven Farm. Each jar of Waxing Kara honey is bottled and packaged by hand in the USA. The honeys are raw unpasteurized, and kosher certified by the Star K. Varieties are seasonal, with differing floral and fruit sources.. What a wonderful hostess gifts or a gift yourself!

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We like good vinegar, and are delighted that we can now find several excellent brands and types that are OU kosher certified.

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AvoCoco web 0x600AvoCoco Oil
La Tourangelle has been known over the years to offer exceptional oils. With origins in the Loire Valley of France, La Tourangelle is one of these few remaining oil mills keeping this heritage alive in Saumur, France,  and since 2002, in Woodland, California. It is a family-owned company.

Over the years, KosherEye has used La Tourangelle stir-fry oil, wok oil, toasted sesame oil and roasted walnut oil. We enjoy the  extra layer of flavor that the infused oils add to our dishes, and the confidence that the oil complements the food.

Now we are fans of one of their newest products AvoCoco oil. We have been working with it for the past two months, and agree with the buzz --. It is an ideal butter substitute for sautéing, frying, searing and baking. We also like it mixed into salad dressings.

AvoCoco is a healthy parve substitute for butter, due to its high level of unsaturated fats. It is a mix of organic coconut oil, avocado oil and organic sunflower oil. For frying (Yes, we do a lot of that in the south) we find that it has a neutral flavor coupled with a high smoke point. Perfect!
La Tourangelle AvoCoco is kosher certified by the Star-K. Visit the La Tourangelle website for recipes and oil info.

For more information about La Tourangelle Star-K kosher certified oils: Click Here

AvoCoco Vinaigrette

½ cup orange juice concentrate or ¾ cup orange juice
1/2 cup AvoCoco oil
1 Tablespoon honey or brown sugar
½ teaspoon sea salt
1 can mandarin oranges, drained

Combine all ingredients and then add oranges.
Use over green salads, spinach beets
Garnish salad with candied nuts, or roasted walnuts or pecans, chopped apples or feta cheese

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shakshuka jar sized

Mina Moroccan Tomato Sauce - The Flavors of Morocco in a Jar

Yes, there really is a Mina behind this shakshuka sauce. Mina is from Morocco, and has journeyed the world with her family’s recipes, which were passed down through generations. As a young girl, Mina managed the cooking for ten younger siblings, making her mother's treasured recipes her own. Mina’s cooking talent set her on a journey from Morocco to Paris to New York where for years she served her specialties to private clients . Now, the Mina brand is enjoyed globally. 
Mina’s recipe uses only all natural ingredients…“tomatoes, roasted peppers, onions, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, cilantro, parsley, and a secret blend of 6 Moroccan spices. Simple, savory, and sizzling with flavor,” Our first taste of Mina’s special sauces was this OU certified shakshuka sauce. What a fabulous dish resulted.

Try our recipe for Fabulous Fish Shakshuka
Mina’ is a division of Casablanca Foods. For more information, or to order visit:




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sophistiplate table cropped


We attend trade shows throughout the year to find the newest in food, wine, housewares and entertaining accessories for feature. As some of you know that before there was a KosherEye, we founded and operated a large party store in Atlanta. So, we consider ourselves tabletop mavens and are always looking for beautiful dinner and servingware.

When Sophistiplate sent us some tableware to try, we knew that this new line was an answer to our search. The patterns are beautiful, stylish, elegant, and DISPOSABLE! We simply love this brand which is headquartered and shipped from Laguna Beach, California. 

A father and son team, Gary and Daniel Seehoff, conceived of Sophistiplate while traveling in Europe. They are both housewares industry veterans, with a passion for innovation and design. Daniel also holds a degree in hospitality and is a professionally trained chef. From Daniel, ”Our goal at Sophistiplate is to elevate disposable tableware to new heights, offering gorgeous items that you can mix and match easily to curate a stunning coordinated table setting”. The tableware had to be convenient, but with the WOW factor. It is!

At this time of year, Jewish homes tend to have more guests than we have dinnerware placesettings, so Sophistiplate is the perfect stand-in for the real thing. Additionally, since many of us do not use our dishwasher on Shabbos or Yom Tov, disposables help with the messy factor we face after each meal. And, yes as we know, there are lots of meals and lots of mess!

We will be setting our table from time to time with the beautiful Sophistiplate tableware, and photographing it to share with our readers.
Visit to see the wide range of tableware, or to order, click: Sophistiplate

  •  Products are designed and manufactured in Italy just outside of Rome
  •  Plates are made from recycled paper and have a special food safe coating
  •  Tableware can be selected from curated sets or from individual pieces
  •  Available pieces are chargers, dinner plates, salad/dessert plates, napkins and flatware

  sophistiplate plates cropped

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